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Different Treatment of Kidney Disease

Due to the causes and symptoms of kidney disease,here are two main treatment around the world.You can see and consider which is the most suitable therapy for you.

Firstly, the diagnosis must be clear. Protein leakage can be quantitatively assessed by examining urine protein 24 hours a day. Almost common causes of positive urine protein are glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, hypertensive kidney damage, diabetic nephropathy, or kidney damage related to the immune system, such as systemic lupus erythematosus nephritis.

Western treatment may include ACEI or ARB drugs to reduce urinary protein, and hormone and immunosuppressant therapy when necessary. If creatinine and urea increase, it indicates over 50% renal insufficiency, you can choose to reduce creatinine by uremic clearance granule treatment. Once creatinine exceeds 707 mol/L, uremia can be diagnosed and dialysis is needed.

In our hospital,we mainly combine Chinese medicine treatment with Western medicine. Western medicine can control symptoms,Chinese medicine can discharge toxins and waste in our blood and organs out of our body. Meanwhile,effective herbal medicine can repair damaged kidney cells, stop protein leakage, reduce creatinine and improve kidney function.Hopefully, many patients can avoid dialysis or reduce dialysis times,even stop dialysis after this systematic treatment.

Our health is the most valuable treasure in our life which can provide our normal life,reduce our family burden.If you still hasn’t find effective treatment,you can contact me for further, or add my facebook: 008615230829917

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How Can You Stop Dialysis Natually

For many people with kidney failure, dialysis or a kidney transplant enables them to live longer and enjoy their quality of life. However, this may not be the case for everyone and each person has the right to choose how—or if—they want to receive treatment for chronic kidney disease. Without life-sustaining dialysis or a kidney transplant, once a person with kidney disease reaches stage 5 (end stage renal disease or ESRD), toxins build up in the body and death usually comes within a few weeks.







Renal Failure

Kidney failure can be acute (sudden) or chronic (long-standing). Acute renal failure is a sudden loss of the kidney’s ability to remove waste. It can be caused by certain diseases, extremely low blood pressure as a result of illness, injury, surgery, or certain infections. Chronic renal failure is the slow loss of kidney function over time. Chronic kidney disease is usually caused by diabetes or high blood pressure but can be caused by many other diseases as well. The final stage of chronic kidney disease is called end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Patients who find themselves faced with the choice to continue or stop dialysis almost always have ESRD.

When Discontinuing Dialysis Is Considered

Dialysis is a life-sustaining treatment and very beneficial when used appropriately, but it is important to recognize that dialysis also has limitations. It may not be beneficial to prolong life with dialysis if the quality of life suffers dramatically. Prolonging life with dialysis may actually be prolonging the dying process for some patients, which is usually not desirable. It’s generally agreed upon that patients might consider stopping dialysis if:

(1) The patient also has an acute illness that will cause a great deal of disability if he survives (for example, a stroke).

(2) The patient has a progressive and untreatable disease (diabetes, or cancer, for example).

The patient has dementia or some other severe neurological disorder.

What treatment can we provide in our hospital?

Here we mainly use traditional Chinese medicine treatment to repair patient’s damaged kidney cells and improve renal function. For patients whose condition is not too seriously, this treatment will have obvious effect. If you are interested, you can send email to us, our email address is 2110253874, or whatsapp 008615230829917. We will reply you within 24hours.

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Why is Your Kidney Disease Easy to Relapse

Many patients choose large-scale hospital and famous experts when they treat kidney disease. But after taking treatment through their guidance, patients found the result is not as good as they think. Because it often relapses after sometime. Do you know what makes that disappointed result?






1. Without a correct diagnosis.

Actually, not only kidney problem, but also other chronic disease is easy to get relapse without a correct diagnosis. For example, immune complex deposits in your blood and causes inflammatory response, which leads to urine protein. In such condition, we can use hormones to restrain inflammatory response, but cann’t remove those immune complex. Gradually the inflammatory response will occur again.

2. Here are a lot of toxins in our blood which will inevitably show impact on efficacy of medicine.

In fact, the key of kidney disease treatment is to firstly clean up the large number of toxins accumulation in our blood, then give the targeted kidney drugs. While in traditional treatment, doctors give medicine/tablet directly without cleaning blood. So the treatment effect is not good inevitably. You can imagine that the medicine effect is certain bad when a large number of toxin stay in our blood.

3. After human blood is polluted, the blood toxin will be immersed into many kidney cells.

If these toxins can not be cleared out of the cells, the treatment effect will certainly not be good. That is, the toxins in the inherent cells of the kidney cannot be removed, and kidney disease cannot be cured.

4. Besides, if doctors only treat symptoms instead of root reasons(blood toxins) of kidney problem, nephropathy can also not be treated successfully.

After knowing the reason of kidney disease relapse, you will have a more clear direction of treatment, and get the best opportunity to treat your disease. Wish you can find such effective treatment soon! Any question, please contact whatsapp number:008615230829917, or send us email to

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What is The Effective Treatment for FSGS

Have you been plagued by FSGS for long time?

Are you looking for a better treatment but no result?

If your urine protein is still here though taking steroid?

If your doctor told you here is no method to treat this disease except waiting?







What is FSGS?

Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is a nephrotic syndrome. Up to around 80% of cases of primary FSGS are resistant to steroid treatment. Most such patients with steroid-resistant FSGS will progress to end-stage renal disease.

FSGS treatment

Drugs to suppress your immune system are sometimes offered to people who can tolerate corticosteroids and immunosuppressive drugs. But this approach isn’t effective for everyone. These medications also can have serious side effects.

FSGS is a disease that may relapse. Because scarring in the glomeruli may be permanent, follow-up monitoring is important to assess kidney function.

For people who progress to kidney failure, treatment options include:

· Dialysis. It can replace your kidneys to work, but can not remove the damaged or died kidney cells.

· Kidney transplant. Though it can solve the problem at once, but donor and high expense bring a huge pressure for your family.









What we provide is systematic traditional Chinese medicine treatment

As we know, the reason of FSGS is that your kidney cells are damaged and kidney function declined.

So the purpose of treatment is to obtain a complete remission of proteinuria, a necessary step to improve renal survival and reduce the risk of progression to chronic kidney disease. When this is not possible, the secondary goal is a partial remission of proteinuria. Reduction or remission of proteinuria is the most important factor of renal survival.

Here in our hospital, we will treat this disease by 3 steps:

1. First we will give patient’s a comprehensive test to know the exact kidney lesion. Thus we can know how to treat it.

2. Our Chinese medicine can help discharge toxins out of your body. It can provide a clear environment for our kidney cell growth.

3. Chinese medicine therapies like oral medicine, osmotherapy, medicated foot bath, medicated full bath…They can provide enough nutrition to your kidneys and kidney cells will get restored.

Usually after these 3 steps, patients will see obvious effect within 7-10 days like swelling disappear, more strength, good spirit…

If you want to know specific suggestion for your condition, please contact us as soon as possible.

Whatsapp: 008615230829917

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Dietary Restrictions Of Kidney Disease

Recently many patients ask about forbidden food for kidney disease. Considering almost patient’s food habits, we give following suggestions for your reference.






  • Avoid seafood, lamb, beef, spicy food, and winewhich can easilylead to allergy. You need obey it strictly if you have constipation, sweating and blood urine problems. But the patients with cold limbs and liquid stools can take some lamb and beef.
  • It is betterto avoid litchi and chocolatethat contains high heat, particularly for chest distress and windy patients.
  • Uremia patients should keep normal bowel movement; sleep early; take rest and avoid getting cold.
  • Patients with high serum potassium should take less food like: banana、potato、tomato、pumpkin、tea、sugar.
  • If you have high blood uric acid, you need avoid eating animal liver, beer, mushrooms、bean and spinach.
  • For high blood phosphorus patients,they should reduce some food intake like: milk products, egg white, ice cream, peanut, seeds, chocolate, and etc.
  • For diabetic dialysis patients, besides high sugar diet, they need also pay attention to several sides:

Due to their good appetite after dialysis, they should add protein and heat quantity from food. Because they will lose 2~3.5g protein in each dialysis. After dialysis, it is best to take 1-1.2g/kg protein everyday. That means they can eat 2 eggs, 500ml milk, and proper fish per day.

To protect your kidney function perfectly, you can also make a diet chart and obey it. You need be autonomic, after all doctors can not be with you in 24 hours. Thanks for reading.

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What treatment is the best for Nephrotic Syndrome

Here are four signs to judge nephrotic syndrome(NS) in clinical: a lot of proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, proteinuria and heavy swelling. And heavy swelling is the most important figure of NS.

What are the main treatment for NS?

Nowadays, hormone is the first choice for nephrotic syndrome treatment. We can see successful effect(urine protein and occult blood turn to negative) in short time after hormone treatment. However, it is easy to relapse and many side effects will appear.

So how can we treat nephrotic syndrome more effectively? We think Chinese medicine is the default choice.








After the theory of renal fibrosis was applied to clinical practice, the hospital expert group of nephropathy treatment center found that only we repair damaged nephrons’ function and improve its function, can the fibrosis process be inhibited.

In order to achieve the purpose, it is necessary to use Chinese medicine to enhance kidney function and repair damaged kidney tissues. Besides, we need also restore “mechanical barrier” and “charge barrier” of gloerular basement membrane to completely eliminate urine protein and urine occult blood. This is to treat NS from root.

Apparently, the method that we combine Chinese medicine with Western medicine is the radical way for NS recovery. It indicates that Western medicine treat symptoms shortly to reduce kidney cells damage due to slow effect of Chinese medicine.

Once the targeted traditional Chinese medicine reaches the lesion area, the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine can dilate blood vessels of the whole body. By increasing perfusion volume of the whole body, blood and oxygen supply for the damaged cells can fundamentally alleviate the status of renal ischemia and hypoxia.Furthermore,it can reduce continued damage of renal cells.

That will be great if you can also find such treatment in your place. If you didn’t found unluckily, please contact us without hesitation.

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How to Treat Renal Edema Effectively

Edema is one clinical symptom of chronic nephritis. Most patients have repeating symptom of edema and treatment plan is different for different patients with different type of renal edema.

The reason of renal edema

1. Serum protein leaks into urine which reduces protein volume in blood. Once protein level decreases in blood, the water will go into tissue space, causing edema.

This is edema of nephritic syndrome. So to remove edema completely, you need reduce protein leakage.

2. Kidney tubular and glomerulus become unbalanced. Glomerulus filtration rate decreases but reabsorption function of kidney tubular become strong. Therefore, a lot of water can not be removed out and stay in your body.

This is edema of nephritis. The common used medicine is diuretic.

3. In a word, here are two main reasons of renal edema. Firstly, kidney can not excrete water out of your body. Secondly, kidneys leak out a lot of protein. To be specific, chronic nephritis will make renal function decline which affect glomerulus and kidney tubular function, then water abd sodium can not be cleaned out through urine. Gradually water and salt stay in your body, bringing edema.

Besides, decreased renal function can not keep protein in our body and these protein leak out, aggravating edema in your body.

Where you can go for edema treatment

Chinese medicine treatment is the key treatment for renal edema. Our hospital consider patient’s condition and symptoms to improve patient’s ability to remove antigen, reduce and repair damage of basement membrane, improve blood flow into kidneys. At the same time, we can restrain immune complex and development of renal fibrosis. With renal function improvement, renal edema will also get treated.

If you are interested, please contact us by whatsapp of 008615230829917

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Which treatment is better to treat chronic nephritis? Western medicine or Chinese medicine?

In terms of the treatment of chronic nephritis, Western medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine have their own advantages. It is like walking on two legs, losing either side, the other leg is pinched. Their combination will bring more remarkable effect.

In treating chronic nephritis, the characteristics and advantages of traditional Chinese medicine are its overall concept and thought of dialectical treatment. For example, in the treatment of chronic nephritis, traditional Chinese medicines that reduce urinary protein include astragalus and Cordyceps sinensis, which can give definite effect in reducing urinary protein. In terms of delaying the progress of renal function, traditional Chinese medicine can also give obvious effect.

Western medicine has extremely advanced methods and technologies in the pathogenesis and diagnosis of diseases, which can guide the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine under the control of disease mechanisms in western medicine, but cannot be separated from the idea of dialectical treatment.

Specifically, in diagnosis, biopsy, urine test, blood test, and various instruments and equipment of western medicine are accurate and irreplaceable; in treatment, traditional Chinese medicine restores kidney function, improves blood creatinine, and eliminates hematuria, which is difficult for western medicine to make it;

when high blood pressure and high sugar damage kidney micro blood vessels, western medicine is needed to lower blood pressure and blood sugar; when steroids and immunosuppressive agents brings unbearable side effects, Chinese medicine can reduce the side effects; when a lot of proteinuria and severe edema occur, the effectiveness of western medicine stands out; when the condition relapses often, Chinese medicine can give an effective shot to the relapse.

Regarding the treatment of chronic nephritis, the comprehensive treatment plan combining traditional Chinese and western medicine is emphasized. Depending on the specific condition, different treatment will be provided.

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How Does TCM Treat Proteinuria of Chronic Nephritis?

Almost 90% of patients with kidney disease will have protein leakage in the early stage. It must be aware that proteinuria plays a vital role in the development and prognosis of renal disease. How does TCM treat proteinuria of chronic nephritis?

As the saying goes, more preparation may quicken the speed in doing work. It is a must to understand the cause of proteinuria from chronic nephritis.

Everyone knows that the kidney is the organ that produces urine. And the urine that is normally excreted does not contain anything useful. However, when the kidney is damaged for various reasons, the glomerular filtration membrane is also damaged. The glomerular filtration function of the useful substances in the urine is reduced, and the reabsorption capacity of the renal tubules is also reduced. So the protein and the like in the plasma will leak out into the urine and proteinuria is formed. Normal people also have protein in their urine, but the amount is very small, usually not more than 150mg.

On the one hand, urinary protein, as an independent risk factor, will affect the progress of renal function. For patients who can control 24hrs proteinuria below 0.5g, they will be more easily to protect the residual renal function and prevent the deterioration of the condition.

On the other hand, consistent proteinuria not only accelerates the progress of renal function, but also affect the development of a series of complications due to kidney disease, such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension and etc. Therefore, controlling proteinuria can also prevent complications so as to reduce patients’ risk. As long as the proteinuria get controlled, chronic nephritis is cured half. How does Chinese medicine treat chronic proteinuria?

Chinese medicine treatment of chronic nephritis proteinuria starts with the cause, blocks the progress of kidney damage, clears immune complexes, actively repairs damaged kidneys, restores kidney function, and prevent protein leakage from the root, so as to achieve the goal of treating both the symptoms and the disease.

This is why many foreign patients visited our hospital for Chinese medicine treatment, after ineffective treatment from west medicine in local. Proteinuria is an early marker of chronic kidney disease. The more protein in the urine, the more severe proteinuria is. And it also means that the renal function is more severe. However, different pathological types can have difference in protein leakage, more proteinuria leakage does not necessarily mean that your condition is also more serious.

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