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What Symptoms dose FSGS Have

FSGS(focal segmental glomerulosclerosis) is a kind of glomerular disease which can be caused by many conditions and factors. The feature is that only small section of glomerular is damaged and the prognosis is not very good. Because here is scloerosis on glomerular that damaged filtration function. FSGS affects both children and adult. Males are affected slightly more often than females, and it occurs more frequently in African Americans.





Early stage of FSGS may not cause any symptoms. Some patients can see signs by their own, others can be found when they get lab test result.

Here we list some common seen symptoms of FSGS for your reference.

1. Proteinuria.When scar happens, these tiny filters do not work properly. Proteins that are normally retained in the blood are lost in your urine.

2. Swelling. Here are two main reasons that can lead to swelling. One is that protein leak into urine, causing swelling. Another is, kidney function to filtrate water decline, excess fluid may be retained leading to swelling.

3. Kidney failure. Sclerous glomerular damaged renal function to filtrate blood, which can cause symptoms of kidney failure.

4. Scarring of the glomeruli can also contribute to other problems, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol (elevated levels of fat in the blood).

 5. With protein spilling in urine, some symptoms can come out together which reflect symptoms of nephrotic syndrome:

· High cholesterol levels – which may need to be controlled with a special diet and cholesterol lowering drugs.

· Low thyroid hormone levels – due to loss of thyroid hormone via the kidneys. This can be controlled by thyroid hormone supplements.

Nearly all kind of chronic kidney disease have no obvious symptoms at the early stage. You need do regular medical test to check your health condition and prevent or cure the early signs.

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