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What Should PKD Patient Pay Attention to

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a genetic disease (passed from an affected parent to their child) causing uncontrolled growth of cysts in the kidney eventually leading to kidney failure.

PKD affects thousands in the United States and millions worldwide – and yet, many people have never heard of it. Learn basic facts about what PKD is, how it impacts people and how the PKD Foundation helps. The more people who know about PKD, the closer we can get to treatments and a cure. Together, we can raise awareness and fight PKD.

Surely a good diet and life style can also do great help in prevent risk of PKD patients. So you need pay special attention to it.

But no specific diet or lifestyle measures have been shown to prevent cysts developing in people with ADPKD. However, a healthy lifestyle may help to protect your kidney function and reduce your blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular problems, such as stroke. Keeping your blood pressure down is especially important, as high blood pressure can damage your kidneys if you have ADPKD.

Tips for a healthy diet and lifestyle include:

· Maintain a healthy weight

· Drink enough fluid to stay hydrated

· Aim for a balanced diet that is low in salt, sugar and fat

· Take regular exercise

· Limit how much alcohol you drink

· Stop smoking

The information on this page is for people with ADPKD who are not on dialysis and don’t have very low kidney function (i.e. people whose kidney function is above 30%). If you are on dialysis, have low kidney function or have been given specific dietary or lifestyle advice from a healthcare professional, the advice on this page might be wrong for you.

If you have any concerns, always ask your doctor before making any changes to your own or your child’s diet or lifestyle.

If you still have any other questions, please tell me freely.

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