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Why Do You Get Polycystic Kidney

We all know that polycystic kidney is one gene defect. Kidneys suffer from toxin inside and outside human body and appears multiple cysts. The cysts oppress kidney inherent cells and make it damaged. Polycystic kidney disease is an inherited cystic renal lesion which features are: urine protein, urine blood, high blood pressure and etc.

Diagram showing human polycystic kidney disease illustration










But how dose human body get this disease? Because the human body that has gene defect get many sorts of bad life habit. It makes toxins accumulating inside and outside of our body that level beyond our ability to resist inflammation. The balance of anti-inflammatory and inflammatory cells in the body continue shifting to inflammatory. Renal tubular epithelial cells has a phenotypic transformation and proliferation abnormally under the repeated stimulation from infection and (or) injury. They block renal tubules and turned to be cyst lining cells.

These lining cells secrete a lot of cyst fluid, making the cyst grow bigger and bigger which oppress damaged kidney inherent cells. Then red cells and plasma proteins leak into urine, forming urine blood and urine protein. At this moment, patients would have clinical symptoms of swelling, high blood pressure, decreased renal function and ett. We can say that the patient gets polycystic kidney disease.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that polycystic kidney is due to congenital deficiency of kidney and hot, humid gas invasion to kidney collaterals. They are difficult to be removed out and develop seriously, causing wet toxins、hot toxins that block blood further and stasis toxin come out. Wet gas, hot gas and stasis toxins take effect together, damaging kidney cells, thus urine foam, blood urine and blood pressure goes high up and etc.

So please don’t worry, although polycystic kidney disease is gene problem, you can still take effective method/treatment to slow down its progress and live a high quality life.

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