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Can Iga Nephropathy Be Cured

Many patients wonder if Iga can be cured in the world. We all know that Iga nephropathy is one of kidney diseases. Once you are diagnosed by this disease, you need go to hospital for specialized treatment. While what kind of treatment is the best? Now we introduce some treatment for you.

1. Causes of Iga nephropathy

Iga can hurt patients to certain level. Some patients listen to some rumor or some advertisement and start treatment easily, finally they miss the treatment opportunity, even lost their life. Actually Iga is caused by our abnormal immunit. Our immune system is composed of the natural immune system and the standby system. When foreign material invades our body, the clearance ability to remove these foreign material of natural immune system reduced . It causes damage to the kidneys, leading to the development of kidney disease.







2. Symptoms of Iga nephropathy

Professor said that Iga nephropathy can get a good effect at the early stage. And the symptoms of this disease usually have following sides:

(1)Here is gross hematuria in patient’s urine.

(2)Light proteinuria but less urine

(3)High blood pressure

3.Common treatment for Iga nephropathy

The patients who have no obvious swelling, hypertension, hematuria, less proteinuria and non renal insufficiency can work on light work. While you need prevent respiratory tract infection, avoid overwork. Don’t use toxic medicine which will damage your kidneys.

4.Hormones, immunosuppressive therapy

This treatment is effective in short time, but people just want to refuse it due to the serious side effect. Some patient’s kidneys get further damage,even kidneys get shrink and rely on dialysis for survive. The treatment cost is also higher at this stage.

5. Chinese medicine treatment

We combine English medicine with Chinese medicine to repair kidneys cells and improve kidney function. Nowadays we get great achievement.

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