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How To Lower Creatinine Level

Dose your creatinine level is over 120umol/L? or 1.3mg/dl?

Do you know what dose it mean of higher creatinine level?

What treatment/medicine can reduce creatinine level effectively?

If you should accept dialysis when your creatinine level is 707umol/l?

In which stage can kidney disease be reversed?






What is creatinine level?

Creatinine is the metabolite of our muscle in our body. The normal level of our creatinine level is between 40-120umol/L.

How dose your creatinine level increase?

When your kidneys get damages, the glomeruli function to adjust and detox declines. Gradually, these metabolite like creatinine can’t be discharged sufficiently out of your body which will stay in our blood and the level goes up. Once the serum creatinine level is over 120umol/L, it means the creatinine level is over the normal range.

What should we do to reduce the creatinine level?

You have known the reason of high creatinine level. So the fundamental method to reduce it is to repair our damaged kidney cells and improve our kidney function to discharge creatinine through urine.

At the same time, patients should follow strict diet with low salt, low fat and high quality protein like egg white and pure milk.







What is the specific treatment of our hospital to reduce creatinine level?

Because kidney disease is a complicated disease(the inducement is not exacted) and it is easy to get relapse. You need a systematic treatment.

Here we provide your traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

Before giving patients any treatment, we will make clear about the reasons that increase creatinine level. After that, expert consultation will be hold to make specific treatment plan for the patient.

The treatment include oral medicine and external therapies like Osmotherapy, Medicated full bath, medicated full bath, Steaming therapy and etc. Here we introduce you function of this systematic treatment.

  1. Once the targetedtraditional Chinese medicine reaches the lesion area, the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine can dilate blood vessels of the whole body.
  2. By increasing perfusion volume of the whole body, blood and oxygen supply for the damaged cells can fundamentally alleviate the status of renal ischemia and hypoxia.
  3. Furthermore,it can reduce continued damage of renal cells.

The advantage of Chinese medicine treatment are:

It has no side effect and no pain when you taking this treatment. On the contrary, you will enjoy it!

We will combine several of those therapies based on patients condition, most of them will get effect within 7-10days. If you have any questions, tell us freely.

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