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Treatment For Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic syndrome can threaten patient’s health and life. It is a health difficulty we are facing. Patients will bear a lot if here is no timely treatment. In recent years, nephrotic syndrome patients become more and more. That is why we should know more about this disease and its harm brought.

Here are four signs to judge nephrotic syndrome(NS) in clinical: a lot of proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, proteinuria and heavy swelling. And heavy swelling is the most important figure of NS.

What are the common treatment for NS?

Nowadays, hormone is the first choice for nephrotic syndrome treatment. We can see successful effect(urine protein and occult blood turn to negative) in short time after hormone treatment. However, it is easy to relapse and many side effects will appear, such as weight gain, memory problem, mood swings, depression, erectile dysfunction, decreased sexual desire, blood clots, digestive system problem, Menopausal symptoms, joint pain etc.

In addition, hormone treatments show more side effects in children and adolescents, who may experience symptoms return (relapse) for times. And hormone treatments may slow growth and affect puberty. It can also cause growth of body hair and irregular periods in girls. Your child may be more at risk of severe infections.

How can we treat nephrotic syndrome more effectively?

After the theory of renal fibrosis was applied to clinical practice, the hospital expert group of nephropathy treatment center found that only we repair damaged nephrons’ function and improve its function, can the fibrosis process be inhibited.

In order to achieve the purpose, it is necessary to use Chinese medicine to enhance kidney function and repair damaged kidney tissues. Besides, we need also restore “mechanical barrier” and “charge barrier” of gloerular basement membrane to completely eliminate urine protein and urine occult blood. This is to treat NS from root.

How dose Chinese medicine work?

Apparently, the method that we combine Chinese medicine with Western medicine is the radical way for NS recovery. It indicates that Western medicine treat symptoms shortly to reduce kidney cells damage due to slow effect of Chinese medicine.

Once the targeted traditional Chinese medicine reaches the lesion area, the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine can dilate blood vessels of the whole body. By increasing perfusion volume of the whole body, blood and oxygen supply for the damaged cells can fundamentally alleviate the status of renal ischemia and hypoxia. Furthermore, it can reduce continued damage of renal cells.

That will be great if you can also find such treatment in your place. If you didn’t found unluckily, please contact us without hesitation.



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