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Advantages Of Medicated Foot Bath

Foot bath is used in foot health care. With Chinese medicine treatment development, we combine Chinese medicine with foot bath and apply in treatment or subsidiary therapy. Medicated foot bath has a long history, since early Qing dynasty.

In China, here is one saying that cold invasion and senility is from feet. As a health care therapy, medicated foot bath has over 3000 years history. We treat it as a super way for keeping health and resist disease.Do you know what detailed function dose it have?









1. Promoting blood circulation, preventing and improving cardiovascular disease.

The warm water can raise skin temperature and enhance our metabolism. It is useful to prevent high blood pressure、cerebral thrombosis and numbness of limbs.

2. The essence of Chinese medicine can promote blood toxins discharging, adjust nervous system, eliminate fatigue and improve sleep.

Generally, after 7-10days medicated foot bath, over 90% patients will have obvious effect. Some dialysis patients begin sweating and they feel very happy. Because at the end stage of kidney disease, patient’s detoxification ability is weak and difficult to sweat.

3. Body building

Here are about 60 point under our feet. Some herbal medicine like puerin and cistanche can help improve our immunity, slowing death, reducing blood sugar level, nourishing kidneys and etc.

4. Long-term medicated foot bath will also eliminate bacteria, thus prevent foot disease like barbiers, tinea pedis and rahagades.

Medicated foot bath is a very good choice for chronic disease patients. While it is according to patient’s personal condition to choose herbal medicine. If you are interested in it, please contact us for more information.

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