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How long you can live if your creatinine level is 1000umol/L

As we all know, creatinine is the most sensitive item of kidney disease. It indicates that our kidneys have been damaged for at least over 50%, even more. So if your creatinine level is 1000umol/l, your kidneys should have had high degree of fibrosis.

At this time, without dialysis, you are very easy to have some complications like vomiting, nausea, brain pain, short breath and etc which can threaten your life. Meanwhile, a lot of metabolic waste can not be excreted by your kidneys which result in toxins deposition in your body. Gradually patients will have metabolic acidosis and liquid equilibrium status. Then the endocrine function will get disordered which brings many complications and even death.

Many patients are upset because they cannot find the effective method. They can just hope on dialysis machine to survive.








But how long you can rely on dialysis?

We all know that dialysis is a replacement therapy which cannot repair your kidney cells radically. Moreover, with the disease development, the dialysis time and frequency is more and more, leading to less healthy kidney cells, even kidney cell death. Finally they can just wait for transplant.

In addition, it also depends on how serious of your complications like angiocardiopathy, infection, anemia and other symptoms. It will threaten your life if it develop too fast.

As how long you can live with creatinine 1000umol/l, the key point is psychological problem that brought by dialysis. Because dialysis can increase patient’s burden of body and mind.

Relevant investigation shows that about 53% patients has depression and anxiety reactions. The clinical symptoms are: depression feeling, pessimism, low self-evaluation, self-accusation and etc. Some serious cases will have sleep disorders, poor appetite, social withdraw, less activity.

But it is far from enough to just rely on dialysis. Our experts advise that for kidney failure treatment, you need combine Western medicine and Chinese medicine to promote and improve kidney cells microcirculation. Therefore, your kidney can discharge toxins rapidly and its function will get improved gradually.

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