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Due to Diabetic Nephropathy, He Could Not Walk At All, After Treatment, He Can Even Run Mildly.

Before, my legs had serious swelling and I could not walk at all, if I wanna go out, I had to depend on wheelchair, now you see, I can stand up and talk, moreover, I can have some run. I am so thankful to the medical staff here, because they really help me retrieve my hope. I know my choice is correct to visit here for chinese medicine treatment in China.

This patient came from Columbia, and suffered from diabetic nephropathy for 12yrs, also accompanied with hypertention, heart disease etc, a little complicated! In a long time, he just depended on medicines and dialysis to sustain his life. Not long ago, his columbia doctor told him, he only had two years for survival at most. With the devotion to life and hope of Chinese medicine, he came here to nephrology dept of HHHTCM.

Before he came to China, he need 3times dialysis weekly, his attitude to his dialysis was quite good. Though dialysis did not bring much help to reverse the disease, he never gave up to life, because he always have passion to life. He always told he still had many things to do. Being sick made him more cherish the days he lead.

ot long after he came to our hospital, the experts panel in our hospital made great efforts with experts from Beijing and Shanghai, to make specific treatment program for him. Since his admission here, he said, I had a real experience to chinese medicine, what a magic, the swelling in my legs disappear, you condition get quite good control and improvement, I have confidence to get rid of dialysis step by step.

Several days ago, our experts panel gave a comprehensive evaluation to his condition, and it reached the requirement to discharge from hospital. We also made specific consolidation treatment and diet program for his better recovery.