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Nephrotic Syndrome with Massive Proteinuria, Half A Month, It Reduced to 0.2g

He came from Russia, is a patient with nephrotic syndrome, Membranous Nephropathy. When he just came here, he had large amount of proteinuria, serious swelling in lower limbs, walking was difficult for him. After half a month treatment, proteinuria turned to 0.2g, swelling also disappear, not say walking fast, jump is also no problem now.

We are so happy for him, let see a group of pictures together. Patients with membranous nephropathy has good effect, swelling disappear, foam in urine disappear, large amount of harmful materials get discharged, which indicate there is no proteinuria.

Why after chinese medicine treatment in our hospital, membranous nephropathy can get good effect?

We need start from its cause. NS could be caused by various reason, and the clinical manifestations include permeability of glomerular basement membrane increase, massive proteinuria, low albumin and serious swelling as well hyperlipemia. In detail, when immune function get in disorder, antigens from pathological elements combine with the antibody inside the body and form into immune complex at last. These immune complex can deposit in glomerular easily, so as to initiate the fibrosis progression, the fragility and permeability of blood vessels increase correspondingly, which results in the happening of nephrotic syndrome.

Therefore, the key point for nephrotic syndrome is to restore kidney function and clear the immune complex, as long as the renal function recovered, proteinuria can be treated well naturally.

We could not deny the effect of usual treatment, especially the west medicine can play rapid effect to restrain the progression of the disease temporarily. Well, this is not enough to treat nephrotic syndrome from the root. Because proteinuria and hematuria can turn negative, the immune complex and destructive materials still exist inside the kidneys, so the injury in kidneys still not get solved.

That is why, many cases after treatment can have temporary proteinuria disappear after regular treatment, still the condition can easily relapse once patient catch a cold or any infection. This is the so-called only symptom but not the root cause get treated.

When we treat nephrotic syndrome, the integral and local problem will be considered together. During the treatment course, we care about the medicines application, also, we emphasize the whole body’s regulation and restore. Breakthrough will be made on the basis of traditional treatment thinking. Oral medicine together with external application, work on as an integrity in the whole treatment course, to remove the immune complex, repair the injured kidneys, restore the weak kidney function, for the optimum treatment effect.