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Nephrotic Syndrome 4yrs, Now Turn Negative

This patient is from a far country, 10y/o, illness history 4yrs. He took treatment in our hospital in 2018, proteinuria turned negative and discharged from hospital. Now he already stopped steroids. This time, he visited here and his indicators all normal. Also, his cousin also took treatment in our hospital, he stopped steroids for 4yrs. As long as direction is right, no need worry there is no cure.

Nephrotic syndrome must be treated based on clinical manifestation and pathological diagnosis. That is, different type of nephrotic syndrome, the treatment solution will be quite different.

In the nephrology dept of HHHTCM, the treatment help patients control symptoms quickly. More importantly, the Chinese medicine treatment will help to clear the immune complex in kidneys. By activation to the Micro circulation, and recovering kidney function. As long as the pathological lesion get recovered and renal function get protected, proteinuria due to nephrotic syndrome will be controlled naturally from the root.

In the treatment of Chinese medicine: Oral medicine can dredge blood vessels, footbath and medicated bath treatment can activate the body to sweat, acupuncture and moxibustion can dredge the meridians and channels so as to recover blood Qi and Blood.

Nephrotic syndrome, especially for those cases who are not sensitive to steroids, they are usually just given west medicine treatment, steroids treatment and immunosuppreive agent, however, steroids can bring serious side effects, say full-move face, buffalo hemp, so does immunosuppresive agents. Well, chinese medicine together with chinese medicine will work much better.

On the basis of west medicine treatment, chinese medicine arranged or mainly give chinese medicine, the effect can improve. Supposed the effect was 60% just based on west medicine, after adding chinese medicine, the effect can improve to 80% or 85%.

Side effects like full moon face, buffalo hemp, pilosity, palpitation and sweat alot, and even liver function decline, bone marrow restrain, after dialectic treatment, side effects will reduce obviously. We had study before on the chinese medicine added and not added. Without chinese medicine added, the incidence rate of side effect is more than 60%; with Chinese medicine added, the incidence rate of side effect is just around 20%, so side effects reduced obviously.

Relapse reduce. For nephrotic syndrome case, especially for those young patient or child cases, it is quite easily to relapse, well, it can reduce obviously after chinese medicine added.

In a sum, curable effect can improve, side effects and relapse can reduce obviously  after chinese medicine added. However, combined chinese medicine and west medicine does not mean simple west medicine adds to west medicine. It requires dialectic treatment based on individual’s condition. Once there is any illness, proper treatment solution must be given timely. The key point is to see whether the treatment can repair kidneys and restore kidney function from the root.