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Nephrotic Syndrome Bothered Me for Three Years, Never Turned Negative, Here just 15 Days, It Turned Negative.

I just reached China, when I was given Chinese medicine treatment in Nephrology Dept. of HHHTCM, I felt quite confused, because I never adopted such treatments before. Meantime, I felt quite uneasy because I had no idea what recovery could expected by this Chinese medicine solution. I just followed doctor’s arrangement, did what they told me. Gradually, I learnt there are various treatment forms in Chinese medicine treatment. I had NS for three years, and proteinuria never turned negative. Proteinuria showed 2+, 3+ and even 4+ with serious swelling when just reached here. In this hospital just after 15days treatment, the proteinuria turned to be negative. Doctor told me I need continue some consolidation treatment further, and the steriod will definitely stop…what a magic for me!

This patient came from Algeria, with proteinuria 4+, with serious swelling, his kidney damage caused large amount of protein loss.

Nephrotic Syndrome (NS) could be caused by various reasons, and it has a series of clinical syndrome saying the permeability increase of glomerular basement membrane, large amount of proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, serious swelling, and hyperlipemia.

Nephrotic syndrome belongs to immune disease, and featured with cholesterol increase, proteinuria, low serum albumin and swelling mainly. Standard treatment in early stage can avoid relapse. However, if treatment is not prompt and scientific, relpase is for sure and even cause renal failure.

What Is The Cause of Nephrotic Syndrome?

Nephrotic Syndrome, in early stage usually shows inflammatory reaction in renal tissue. So we call this stage as inflammatory stage, or renal fibrosis inflammatory stage. Such inflammatory response usually has relation with immune reaction. In most cases, they are non-bacteria inflammatory response. Therefore, it requires anti-inflammation treatment without anti-bacteria medicine.

For nephrotic syndrome, our regular treatment is steroids. One of the steroid’s function is anti-inflammation. For example, one person get infected and bacteria enters into his blood.The white blood cells will fight against with it and devour it. In this course, there is a inflammatory reaction and related tissue will be involved. The function of steroid can restrain this active inflammatory activity. By this, other organs and tissues will be protected from further injury. That is, as long as there is a war, there will be injury. Steroids is to reduce this injury.

Steroids has positive effect, that is true. While, it also has its limitation. That is, it can reduce inflammation and avoid further renal cells’ damage, but not able to remove the root cause of this inflammation.

How Does Chinese Medicine Treat This Disease?   

Chinese medicine is to solve the root cause of the disease. Active component in the therapies can enter into the injured renal tissue with the help of medium frequency equipment, so as to dilate renal arteries and arterioles, improve the barrier of micro-circulation in local. As a result, renal fibrosis progression can be blocked.

Meantime, the permeability of the blood vessels will be improved. The internal metablic wastes and toxins can be discharged quickly; Meridians and channels get dredged; Qi and Blood can run smoothly; Yin and Yang balance can come true. Another important thing is that this treatment is not metabolised by gastrointestinal tract system, so it will not overburden kidneys. It has no side effects and harm to the body.

NS patients with proteinuria and swelling is very hopeful to get good result. This is not dream. Standard and scientific treatment can make it come true.