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ESRD Scr 700umol/L, No Dialysis Required, Stable

He is from India, creatinine 700umol/L. Here is no other solution for him except for kidney transplant in Western medicine. After knowing Chinese medicine can bring quite good effect in our hospital, he applied for medical visa in the Embassy and fly to us without any delay. After one week treatment, he got quite obvious effect: Complexion is much better than before; he also felt a lot of power come back. Three weeks later, his creatinine came down to 300umol/L and kept quite stable by far, no need dialysis.

Why could this Indian patient reduce his creatinine without dialysis?

Uremia, simply speaking, is renal failure. That is, kidneys could not discharge the metabolic wastes, urea and surplus water etc from the body, so as to incur a series of being –poisoned syndrome.

What caused uremia?

Chronic glomerular nephritis, interstitium nephritis, untreated diabetic nephropathy, all can develop into chronic kidney disease. With its further development, nephron can be damaged further and develop slowly into irreversible renal function decline, at last, part of patients will have chronic kidney failure and even uremia.

Therefore, for the kidney disease, scientific and standard treatment must be given at earliest, and avoid delay the time to make it develop further.

In the nephrology dept. of HHHTCM, the treatment includes two steps in general. On one hand, it focus on the symptoms say rectify acidosis and electrolytes disorder, prevent toxins accumulation, avoid and eradicate acute progressive factors, block or restrain the channels to aggravate the nephrons damage (like high blood pressure and sugar, proteinuria and anemia)..

On the other hand, it focuses on the repair of injured nephrons and residual nephrons’ protection as well as the body’s immunity restore. This treatment here stresses integral and renal local osmosis treatment. This treatment can readjust immune function and help the body produce self-repair ability, speed up the metabolism and restore, remove stasis and produce new, adjust Yin and Yang, improve the renal pathological status, so as to protect residual nephrons, also, make the nephrons being injured get recovered from the root.

By this systematic treatment, many patients who have not began dialysis can avoid dialysis as much as possible, those who is undergoing dialysis can prolong dialysis intervals as long as possible.

Since discharge from our hospital, this indian patient’s condition kept stable in our regular follow up.