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Nephrotic Syndrome 24hrs Proteinuria 0.75g Decreased to 0.06g

A kid patient with NS came from a far country. Though west medicine given to him for long time, still his proteinuria no obvious effect. He did not wanna renal biopsy. His visit to our hospital this time is to have clear diagnosis to his condition and get further treatment. When he just admitted here, proteinuira just 2+, 24hrs proteinuira 0.75g. after 20days treatment, proteinuria turned negative, 24hrs proteinuria 0.06g which is quite good effect as per his record, certainly, this requires consolidation treatment for better recovery.

Why Can Intractable Nephrotic Syndrome Turn Negative By Our Chinese Medicine Treatment?

We need start from the cause of NS, Immune complex break the basement membrane in kidneys, so ischemia and necrosis happen there, proteinuria and hematuria appear because of the sieve net injury.

Therefore, for the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, we could not just stop at controlling proteinuria and hematuria, also it requires to remove the immune complex deposited in the renal basement membrane, so as to recover the blood circulation in glomeruli. By this, proteinuria can be treated from the root.

Single steroids, CTX application can block the proteinruia and hematuria, well, they can also block the immune complex and other wastes in glomeruli. How to understand this? Such a treatment is nearly to drink poison for thirsty-relieving. In other words, even hematuria and proteinuria turned negative, still renal injury exist, kidney disease could not get treated from the root.

Three treatment steps are required for nephrotic syndrome in our hospital.

The first stage is for pathological lesion treatment. That is, by using unique chinese medicine to increase the permeability of basement membrane, to promote the immune complex discharge. At this moment, protein and injured cells can be discharged also, so no worry to see proteinuria and hematuria increase further in this stage.

The 2nd stage is to repair the pathological lesion and to improve the function. With the constant discharge of harmful materials, glomeruli sclerosis and blood perfusion can improve obviously. By ECT test, glomeruli filtration rate can improve.

The 3rd stage is clinical symptoms improvement. In this stage, destructive materials get discharged basically, and renal basement membrane get repaired gradually, by this, protein and red blood cells can be blocked inside, so protein and red blood cell can turn negative in urine.

Now it has been half a year, and his condition kept quite stable. Just several days ago, he also did 24hrs urine protein quantitative test, proteinuria 0.08g in 24hrs, bp 115/80mmHg. Therefore, patients need not fear to this disease. Just cooperate with doctor when you have it. The disease is not terrible, we can fight against with it together.