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Child Lupus Nephritis, Proteinuria Turned Negative after 2 weeks Treatment

This is a patient from Nigeria, 5y/o, lupus nephritis. He visited many hospitals, but all the treatment given to him were steroids and immuno-suppresive agents. His proteinuria was 2+ or 3+ in every test. During the treatment, this child’s mom also met other patients with kidney disease. One of them suggest her to bring the child to China for other solution. After a consideration, they visited here for Chinese medicine treatment.

He took urine test, and his proteinuria in 24hrs not very high, just 0.46g. However, he had no appetite, and no energy and strength, just wanna lie in the bed. After professors’ consultation and discussion, he was designed a final specific combined Chinese medicine and Western medicine treatment program.

In view that he has already given 9times CTX (immunosuppresive agent) , but his proteinuria not yet turned to be negative. So CTX stopped, in turn, characteristic Chinese medicine treatment replaced previous Western medicine.

Osmosis treatment on both kidneys are the main. Besides, Hot compress therapy, Micro-processed Chinese medicine can penetrate into the kidneys, so as to dredge meridians and channels, blood supply and circulation will improve greatly. Meantime, steroids will be given to remove symptoms. Oral Chinese medicine is to discharge toxins inside the body. At the last, Chinese medicine will be given to warm up the body, and reinforce the body’s immunity and protect the kidneys’ function.

After 2weeks treatment, this patient’s proteinuria turned negative, proteinuria quantitative reduced to 0.13g. He began to leave from the bed, instead, he became very active, appetite also improved a lot, liked to talk and say hello to the people he met.

It has been half a year since his discharge from hospital. His condition is quite stable. The more fundamental problem to treat, the more obvious effect to come.