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How to Treat Polycystic Kidney Disease

1. How long have you suffered from PKD?

2. Have your creatinine level becomes high due to PKD?

3. Have your kidney function are damaged?

4. Have you found a good treatment to treat your pkd?

5. If you usually feel back pain,vomiting or other symptoms?









What is the common treatment(Western medicine) of PKD?

1.Treatment for hematuria: When here exist blood in your urine, besides making clear about the reason of bleeding, you have better stop any activity and stay on bed for rest. For dialysis patients or near to dialysis, doctor will consider transcatheter renal arterial embolization if the hematuria is uncontrolled.

2. Treatment for infection. Infection of Renal parenchyma and renal cysts are the main complications of PKD. Doctors usually give combined use of antibiotics.

3.Treatment for urinary calculi: Doctors will give treatment based on the location and size of stone.

4.Treatment for hypertension: The main cause of hypertension is activation of renin-Angiotensin-aldosterone system, so you need take related medicine based on this condition.

5.Hemodialysis and transplant. When it goes into renal failure stage, doctor will recommend you dialysis or kidney transplant which are the first considered options.

Are dialysis and transplant perfect?

Dialysis just temporary method, over time, patients kidneys will loose all function and have to rely on dialysis forever. As to transplant, unlike other renal disease, PKD cause many complications which increase treatment difficulty after transplant. Furthermore, many patients can’t bear the expensive medicine of anti-rejection reaction.

So as we all see, Western medicine is mainly control symptoms that PKD brings. It can do nothing to the cysts, so the root problem can not be solved, and patient’s disease can not be treated completely.







The treatment we would recommend is Chinese medicine treatment:

Considering disadvantage of dialysis and transplant, our hospital treat polycystic kidney disease by combining English medicine treatment and Chinese medicine treatment. English medicine is to control symptoms like high blood pressure, back/abdomen pain, swelling…

Chinese medicine treatment can promote our blood circulation, discharge cyst fluid and shrink kidney cysts. As long as cysts become small, its oppression to our kidneys will be less, so that kidney function will get better.

If you are interested to know detailed information of Chinese medicine treatment, please contact us:


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