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First step is triage

The first step for treatment is triage, the outpatient office need equip with service staff to finish the triage work, help patient find the correct department so as to improve the outpatient efficiency and quality.

Second step is to Register

It is required to register firstly for outpatent before see a doctor
New patient need set up new medical record.

Third is waiting to see a doctor

After register, patients need go to correct outpatient office or the hall to queen for the checkup and treatment.

Working staff in outpatient area need keep the order of the waiting room, tell patient to follow the order for diagnosis and treatment.

For serious and urgent patient, they must be arranged for early diagnosis and treatment; answer the questions asked by patients, provide help and guidance for patients who need specific tet or transfer to another hospital, provide health education to patient, keep the order in outpatient area, keep a quiet and clean environment.

Fourth step is to see a doctor

Hospital guide need arrange patients to correct consulting room. for treatment as per the register order, it is a must to protect patient’s privacy.

It only allows one patient in one consulting room, other patient not allow to enter before the former patient not finish, for serious case or those with difficulty to tell the illness history, one companion is allowed to enter into the consulting room.

Before to see one patient or after check the patient, the doctor need wash hands. Doctors need listen patient’s illness history carefully and give careful physical checkup to patients, if necesary, corresponding lab work and even special examination are required also.

Based on illness condition and checkup, primary diagnosis should be made by doctor. Careful medical record is compulsory to make, be concise and to the point, clear and explicit, content conplete and standard, items complete.

Any treatment proposal for the patient, doctor should tell clearly in truth to the patient. Only wth the approval of the patient, doctor can give the treatment or issue prescription to patient.

If doctor has confusion to the diagnosis,, doctor can tell patient for recheck or ask senior doctor for consulttion or arrange discussion to the intractble case and even arrange transfer to another hospital.

If the illness too complicated or very serious, not easy to handle in outpatient, patient should be admitted in hospital for further management.

For anyone who need diagnosis certificate, it is compulsory for the outpatient officce to give stamp, to enure the seriousness of diagnosis report.

Fifth step is examination and rreatment in Medical Laboratory

1.When patient need take biochemical test, radiation, ultrasound or imaging test, electrophysiological examination ( Ecg, eeg, emg, etc), injection, debridement dressing, physicac therapy, acupuncture etc test and treatment, it is compulsory for the physician to issue test and treatment application form.

2 physician need tell patient about the preparation and tips before the test and treatment, for specific appointment and register items, early notification is required, meantime, it is a must to tell patient when and where as well as the procedures to get the result.

Sixth step is giving medicine

1.Outpatient physician need enact the principle of precription strictly, that is the prescription has complete information, clear and no erasure (if erasure inevitable, doctor’s signature is required at the eration part.)

2.Physician is not allowed to revise prescription without authorization, any dangerous medicine prescription must be enacted based on related medicine administration regulation. Physician need tell patient about its content and usage of the medicine.

Pharmacy need check the medicine carefully before to issue the medicine out, and it is compulsory to tell patient about the usage method and tips.

Seventh step is for, leave from hospita, remain in hospital for observation, hospital admission and transfer to another hospital

After diangosis in hospital, most patients can take medicine and discharge from hospital, well for cases with severe condition or unclear diagnosis,, it is required to stay in hospital for further observation. Based on patient’s illness condition and hospitlization required, the doctor need issue hospital admission notice and help the patient get admitted in hospital.

For patient who need transfer to another hospital, it is required for the hospital to issue Transfer Report, and propose which hospital to transfer.

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