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Su Guoquan Chief Physician

Su Guoquan Chief Physician

Bachelor degree, chief physician, professor. Vice President of Hebei Traditional Chinese Medicine Liver Hospital, Director of Hepatobiliary Diagnosis and Treatment Center of Hebei Traditional Chinese Medicine Liver Hospital, Expert of Hebei Science and Technology 110 Expert Service Group, Expert of Hebei Province Medical Accident Appraisal Expert Bank, Vice Chairman of the First Council of the Chinese Medicine Information Society’s Hepatic Prevention Branch, Academic Consultant of the Chinese Society of Chinese Medicine Information Society for Prevention and Treatment of Hepatic Diseases, Standing Member of the Hepatobiliary Diseases Professional Committee of Hebei Province Chinese Medicine Association, Member of Hebei Province Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hepatopathy Committee, and Deputy Director of Shijiazhuang Oncology Medical Quality Control Committee.

Academic achievements:

He presided over the study of “Dynamic study on the correlation between serum liver fibrosis index and liver histopathology” and “Clinical study on liver cirrhosis treated by Ganxi Tibetan Medicine”.


He has worked in Shijiazhuang Fifth Hospital and other provincial and municipal hospitals for more than 30 years. He has served as the director of the second department of liver disease, the honorary director of the interventional department, and an expert in the liver oncology group of Shijiazhuang Fifth Hospital. He has successively been appraised as an excellent medical expert in Shijiazhuang and an outstanding scientific and technological worker in Shijiazhuang. He has long been engaged in clinical diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases and interventional radiology. He is good at treating various acute and chronic liver diseases, infectious diseases and rescue treatment of severe hepatitis, liver coma, upper gastrointestinal bleeding, refractory ascites, liver and kidney syndrome and other critical diseases.

Besides, Director Su Guoquan, has in-depth study to the combined chinese medicine and west medicine on kidney disease treatment and accumulated rich clinical experience. Especially he is very professional to diagnose and treat intractable nephrotic syndrome and chronic renal insufficiency. After years clinical study and practice, he has summed up a series of methods on treating intractable nephrotic syndrome, nephritis and chronic kidney insufficiency. In recent 5 years,thousands of patients have controlled the illness condition with his treatment.

His speciality including intractable nephrotic syndrome, child intractable nephrotic syndrome, chronic kidney insufficiency, renal hypertention and nephritis.


Shijiazhuang City Model Workers in 2003; 2004 Shijiazhuang Outstanding Science and Technology Worker. In 2007, the Shijiazhuang City Health Bureau awarded the title of “For the People, Pragmatism, and Honesty”. In 2007, the Hebei Provincial Department of Health and the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions awarded the title of “Hebei Province Medical Ethics and Weather Model.”


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