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What Symptoms dose FSGS Have

FSGS(focal segmental glomerulosclerosis) is a kind of glomerular disease which can be caused by many conditions and factors. The feature is that only small section of glomerular is damaged and the prognosis is not very good. Because here is scloerosis on glomerular that damaged filtration function. FSGS affects both children and adult. Males are affected slightly more often than females, and it occurs more frequently in African Americans.





Early stage of FSGS may not cause any symptoms. Some patients can see signs by their own, others can be found when they get lab test result.

Here we list some common seen symptoms of FSGS for your reference.

1. Proteinuria.When scar happens, these tiny filters do not work properly. Proteins that are normally retained in the blood are lost in your urine.

2. Swelling. Here are two main reasons that can lead to swelling. One is that protein leak into urine, causing swelling. Another is, kidney function to filtrate water decline, excess fluid may be retained leading to swelling.

3. Kidney failure. Sclerous glomerular damaged renal function to filtrate blood, which can cause symptoms of kidney failure.

4. Scarring of the glomeruli can also contribute to other problems, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol (elevated levels of fat in the blood).

 5. With protein spilling in urine, some symptoms can come out together which reflect symptoms of nephrotic syndrome:

· High cholesterol levels – which may need to be controlled with a special diet and cholesterol lowering drugs.

· Low thyroid hormone levels – due to loss of thyroid hormone via the kidneys. This can be controlled by thyroid hormone supplements.

Nearly all kind of chronic kidney disease have no obvious symptoms at the early stage. You need do regular medical test to check your health condition and prevent or cure the early signs.

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What Symptoms dose Iga Nephropathy Patients Have

With our life advance, people are easy to get serious disease due to pollution of water and air, or some gratuitous diseases like Iga nephropathy. Do you know what is Iga nephropathy?






Introduction of IgA nephropathy

Iga nephropathy is a kind of chronic glomerular nephritis which is featured with immunoglobulin A(Iga) deposition on mesangial region of glomeruli of our kidneys. Because with long time stay of Iga, our glomeruli can be inflammed, damaged and sclerosis,in which course the kidney can’t filtrate waste well in our blood. Surely this disease can also lead to kidney failure eventually.

Generally, Iga is common seen among children and young people whose age is from 16-35 and men is more than women. This disease has no symptoms at the early stage and it can prolong several years. That means, it develops slowly which is difficult to be detected by people.

Symptoms of Iga nephropathy

  1. Blood urine. Usually patients will get upper respiratory infection(URI), cold or other infections before Iga nephropathy occurs. Then after several hours,at least in 3 days, they will see blood in urine, not by microscope. However, you can also have blood urine after certain strenuous exercise. So it is necessary to make clear about the diagnosis.
  2. Occult blood. This is the most obvious sign of Iga nephropathy. Unlike blood urine, occult blood can happen without any inducement. Together with occult blood, you can also see protein in urine on lab test.
  3. Physical discomforts. Patients can have abdomen and back pain; throat pain; edema and high blood pressure after occult blood appear.
  4. Edema. With Iga nephropathy people often have edema on their eyelid or face in the morning and fade away in the afternoon. Furthermore, edema becomes serious after tiredness and palliative after having rest.

Severe edema can be seen on ankles, two legs and lumbosacral portion.

After known these symptoms of Iga nephropathy, we hope you can notice in your daily life. Do your best to avoid cold or any infections and keep good mood which is good for preventing this disease and your recovery.

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Why is Your Kidney Disease Easy to Relapse

Many patients choose large-scale hospital and famous experts when they treat kidney disease. But after taking treatment through their guidance, patients found the result is not as good as they think. Because it often relapses after sometime. Do you know what makes that disappointed result?






1. Without a correct diagnosis.

Actually, not only kidney problem, but also other chronic disease is easy to get relapse without a correct diagnosis. For example, immune complex deposits in your blood and causes inflammatory response, which leads to urine protein. In such condition, we can use hormones to restrain inflammatory response, but cann’t remove those immune complex. Gradually the inflammatory response will occur again.

2. Here are a lot of toxins in our blood which will inevitably show impact on efficacy of medicine.

In fact, the key of kidney disease treatment is to firstly clean up the large number of toxins accumulation in our blood, then give the targeted kidney drugs. While in traditional treatment, doctors give medicine/tablet directly without cleaning blood. So the treatment effect is not good inevitably. You can imagine that the medicine effect is certain bad when a large number of toxin stay in our blood.

3. After human blood is polluted, the blood toxin will be immersed into many kidney cells.

If these toxins can not be cleared out of the cells, the treatment effect will certainly not be good. That is, the toxins in the inherent cells of the kidney cannot be removed, and kidney disease cannot be cured.

4. Besides, if doctors only treat symptoms instead of root reasons(blood toxins) of kidney problem, nephropathy can also not be treated successfully.

After knowing the reason of kidney disease relapse, you will have a more clear direction of treatment, and get the best opportunity to treat your disease. Wish you can find such effective treatment soon! Any question, please contact whatsapp number:008615230829917, or send us email to

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Advantages Of Medicated Foot Bath

Foot bath is used in foot health care. With Chinese medicine treatment development, we combine Chinese medicine with foot bath and apply in treatment or subsidiary therapy. Medicated foot bath has a long history, since early Qing dynasty.

In China, here is one saying that cold invasion and senility is from feet. As a health care therapy, medicated foot bath has over 3000 years history. We treat it as a super way for keeping health and resist disease.Do you know what detailed function dose it have?









1. Promoting blood circulation, preventing and improving cardiovascular disease.

The warm water can raise skin temperature and enhance our metabolism. It is useful to prevent high blood pressure、cerebral thrombosis and numbness of limbs.

2. The essence of Chinese medicine can promote blood toxins discharging, adjust nervous system, eliminate fatigue and improve sleep.

Generally, after 7-10days medicated foot bath, over 90% patients will have obvious effect. Some dialysis patients begin sweating and they feel very happy. Because at the end stage of kidney disease, patient’s detoxification ability is weak and difficult to sweat.

3. Body building

Here are about 60 point under our feet. Some herbal medicine like puerin and cistanche can help improve our immunity, slowing death, reducing blood sugar level, nourishing kidneys and etc.

4. Long-term medicated foot bath will also eliminate bacteria, thus prevent foot disease like barbiers, tinea pedis and rahagades.

Medicated foot bath is a very good choice for chronic disease patients. While it is according to patient’s personal condition to choose herbal medicine. If you are interested in it, please contact us for more information.

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What is The Effective Treatment for FSGS

Have you been plagued by FSGS for long time?

Are you looking for a better treatment but no result?

If your urine protein is still here though taking steroid?

If your doctor told you here is no method to treat this disease except waiting?







What is FSGS?

Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) is a nephrotic syndrome. Up to around 80% of cases of primary FSGS are resistant to steroid treatment. Most such patients with steroid-resistant FSGS will progress to end-stage renal disease.

FSGS treatment

Drugs to suppress your immune system are sometimes offered to people who can tolerate corticosteroids and immunosuppressive drugs. But this approach isn’t effective for everyone. These medications also can have serious side effects.

FSGS is a disease that may relapse. Because scarring in the glomeruli may be permanent, follow-up monitoring is important to assess kidney function.

For people who progress to kidney failure, treatment options include:

· Dialysis. It can replace your kidneys to work, but can not remove the damaged or died kidney cells.

· Kidney transplant. Though it can solve the problem at once, but donor and high expense bring a huge pressure for your family.









What we provide is systematic traditional Chinese medicine treatment

As we know, the reason of FSGS is that your kidney cells are damaged and kidney function declined.

So the purpose of treatment is to obtain a complete remission of proteinuria, a necessary step to improve renal survival and reduce the risk of progression to chronic kidney disease. When this is not possible, the secondary goal is a partial remission of proteinuria. Reduction or remission of proteinuria is the most important factor of renal survival.

Here in our hospital, we will treat this disease by 3 steps:

1. First we will give patient’s a comprehensive test to know the exact kidney lesion. Thus we can know how to treat it.

2. Our Chinese medicine can help discharge toxins out of your body. It can provide a clear environment for our kidney cell growth.

3. Chinese medicine therapies like oral medicine, osmotherapy, medicated foot bath, medicated full bath…They can provide enough nutrition to your kidneys and kidney cells will get restored.

Usually after these 3 steps, patients will see obvious effect within 7-10 days like swelling disappear, more strength, good spirit…

If you want to know specific suggestion for your condition, please contact us as soon as possible.

Whatsapp: 008615230829917

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How to Treat Polycystic Kidney Disease

1. How long have you suffered from PKD?

2. Have your creatinine level becomes high due to PKD?

3. Have your kidney function are damaged?

4. Have you found a good treatment to treat your pkd?

5. If you usually feel back pain,vomiting or other symptoms?









What is the common treatment(Western medicine) of PKD?

1.Treatment for hematuria: When here exist blood in your urine, besides making clear about the reason of bleeding, you have better stop any activity and stay on bed for rest. For dialysis patients or near to dialysis, doctor will consider transcatheter renal arterial embolization if the hematuria is uncontrolled.

2. Treatment for infection. Infection of Renal parenchyma and renal cysts are the main complications of PKD. Doctors usually give combined use of antibiotics.

3.Treatment for urinary calculi: Doctors will give treatment based on the location and size of stone.

4.Treatment for hypertension: The main cause of hypertension is activation of renin-Angiotensin-aldosterone system, so you need take related medicine based on this condition.

5.Hemodialysis and transplant. When it goes into renal failure stage, doctor will recommend you dialysis or kidney transplant which are the first considered options.

Are dialysis and transplant perfect?

Dialysis just temporary method, over time, patients kidneys will loose all function and have to rely on dialysis forever. As to transplant, unlike other renal disease, PKD cause many complications which increase treatment difficulty after transplant. Furthermore, many patients can’t bear the expensive medicine of anti-rejection reaction.

So as we all see, Western medicine is mainly control symptoms that PKD brings. It can do nothing to the cysts, so the root problem can not be solved, and patient’s disease can not be treated completely.







The treatment we would recommend is Chinese medicine treatment:

Considering disadvantage of dialysis and transplant, our hospital treat polycystic kidney disease by combining English medicine treatment and Chinese medicine treatment. English medicine is to control symptoms like high blood pressure, back/abdomen pain, swelling…

Chinese medicine treatment can promote our blood circulation, discharge cyst fluid and shrink kidney cysts. As long as cysts become small, its oppression to our kidneys will be less, so that kidney function will get better.

If you are interested to know detailed information of Chinese medicine treatment, please contact us:


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Can You do Sports with Purpura Nephritis

Purpura nephritis means kidney damage caused by anaphylactoid purpura. How do you get anaphylactoid purpura? Here are some reasons:

① Bacteria, virus and parasitic infection can lead to allergic reaction.

② People are allergic to medicine and food.

③ Furthermore, the plant pollen、insect bites and cold stimulation can also cause anaphylactoid.

Besides skin purpura, other clinical manifestations of purpura nephritis are joint pain, stomachache, blood stool. Of course, here are also blood urine and protein urine if you are diagnosed purpura nephritis.

Generally speaking, doctors will suggest do some exercises when you get illness, because sweating is good for our health. While you are demands to rest on bed when you get acute disease like acute nephritis. So could purpura nephritis patients do exercises?







Yes, you can. Because in our Chinese medicine theory, we think“flow water won’t be rancid, the door and window won’t be bitten by insects”“life lies on movement”. It is right to do proper exercise, but not to be tired, otherwise your condition can get worse or bring other lesions. Proper exercise helps to improve our immunity, increase appetite, improve physical fitness and reduce cold which can induce or aggravate nephritis. At the same time, doing exercise can promote blood circulation, reduce blood sedimentation poison and protect renal function eventually.

Overload exercise will make you feel fatigue, weaken your immunity on the contrary. So it is very important for you to know how much exercise you need to do.

Honestly speaking, to keep healthy, here are many sports you can choose, such as exercise on bed, sports indoor, walking outside, running, ride a bike and etc. Patients can increase amount of exercise gradually based on their condition.

With the weather becoming cold, please reduce go outside. If you have to, please keep warm to avoid getting cold or upper respiratory tract infection.

So for purpura patients, you can do some exercise to enhance your body function. If you still have some questions about kidney problem, please contact us directly.

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How To Lower Creatinine Level

Dose your creatinine level is over 120umol/L? or 1.3mg/dl?

Do you know what dose it mean of higher creatinine level?

What treatment/medicine can reduce creatinine level effectively?

If you should accept dialysis when your creatinine level is 707umol/l?

In which stage can kidney disease be reversed?






What is creatinine level?

Creatinine is the metabolite of our muscle in our body. The normal level of our creatinine level is between 40-120umol/L.

How dose your creatinine level increase?

When your kidneys get damages, the glomeruli function to adjust and detox declines. Gradually, these metabolite like creatinine can’t be discharged sufficiently out of your body which will stay in our blood and the level goes up. Once the serum creatinine level is over 120umol/L, it means the creatinine level is over the normal range.

What should we do to reduce the creatinine level?

You have known the reason of high creatinine level. So the fundamental method to reduce it is to repair our damaged kidney cells and improve our kidney function to discharge creatinine through urine.

At the same time, patients should follow strict diet with low salt, low fat and high quality protein like egg white and pure milk.







What is the specific treatment of our hospital to reduce creatinine level?

Because kidney disease is a complicated disease(the inducement is not exacted) and it is easy to get relapse. You need a systematic treatment.

Here we provide your traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

Before giving patients any treatment, we will make clear about the reasons that increase creatinine level. After that, expert consultation will be hold to make specific treatment plan for the patient.

The treatment include oral medicine and external therapies like Osmotherapy, Medicated full bath, medicated full bath, Steaming therapy and etc. Here we introduce you function of this systematic treatment.

  1. Once the targetedtraditional Chinese medicine reaches the lesion area, the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine can dilate blood vessels of the whole body.
  2. By increasing perfusion volume of the whole body, blood and oxygen supply for the damaged cells can fundamentally alleviate the status of renal ischemia and hypoxia.
  3. Furthermore,it can reduce continued damage of renal cells.

The advantage of Chinese medicine treatment are:

It has no side effect and no pain when you taking this treatment. On the contrary, you will enjoy it!

We will combine several of those therapies based on patients condition, most of them will get effect within 7-10days. If you have any questions, tell us freely.

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Dietary Restrictions Of Kidney Disease

Recently many patients ask about forbidden food for kidney disease. Considering almost patient’s food habits, we give following suggestions for your reference.






  • Avoid seafood, lamb, beef, spicy food, and winewhich can easilylead to allergy. You need obey it strictly if you have constipation, sweating and blood urine problems. But the patients with cold limbs and liquid stools can take some lamb and beef.
  • It is betterto avoid litchi and chocolatethat contains high heat, particularly for chest distress and windy patients.
  • Uremia patients should keep normal bowel movement; sleep early; take rest and avoid getting cold.
  • Patients with high serum potassium should take less food like: banana、potato、tomato、pumpkin、tea、sugar.
  • If you have high blood uric acid, you need avoid eating animal liver, beer, mushrooms、bean and spinach.
  • For high blood phosphorus patients,they should reduce some food intake like: milk products, egg white, ice cream, peanut, seeds, chocolate, and etc.
  • For diabetic dialysis patients, besides high sugar diet, they need also pay attention to several sides:

Due to their good appetite after dialysis, they should add protein and heat quantity from food. Because they will lose 2~3.5g protein in each dialysis. After dialysis, it is best to take 1-1.2g/kg protein everyday. That means they can eat 2 eggs, 500ml milk, and proper fish per day.

To protect your kidney function perfectly, you can also make a diet chart and obey it. You need be autonomic, after all doctors can not be with you in 24 hours. Thanks for reading.

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Treatment For Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic syndrome can threaten patient’s health and life. It is a health difficulty we are facing. Patients will bear a lot if here is no timely treatment. In recent years, nephrotic syndrome patients become more and more. That is why we should know more about this disease and its harm brought.

Here are four signs to judge nephrotic syndrome(NS) in clinical: a lot of proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, proteinuria and heavy swelling. And heavy swelling is the most important figure of NS.

What are the common treatment for NS?

Nowadays, hormone is the first choice for nephrotic syndrome treatment. We can see successful effect(urine protein and occult blood turn to negative) in short time after hormone treatment. However, it is easy to relapse and many side effects will appear, such as weight gain, memory problem, mood swings, depression, erectile dysfunction, decreased sexual desire, blood clots, digestive system problem, Menopausal symptoms, joint pain etc.

In addition, hormone treatments show more side effects in children and adolescents, who may experience symptoms return (relapse) for times. And hormone treatments may slow growth and affect puberty. It can also cause growth of body hair and irregular periods in girls. Your child may be more at risk of severe infections.

How can we treat nephrotic syndrome more effectively?

After the theory of renal fibrosis was applied to clinical practice, the hospital expert group of nephropathy treatment center found that only we repair damaged nephrons’ function and improve its function, can the fibrosis process be inhibited.

In order to achieve the purpose, it is necessary to use Chinese medicine to enhance kidney function and repair damaged kidney tissues. Besides, we need also restore “mechanical barrier” and “charge barrier” of gloerular basement membrane to completely eliminate urine protein and urine occult blood. This is to treat NS from root.

How dose Chinese medicine work?

Apparently, the method that we combine Chinese medicine with Western medicine is the radical way for NS recovery. It indicates that Western medicine treat symptoms shortly to reduce kidney cells damage due to slow effect of Chinese medicine.

Once the targeted traditional Chinese medicine reaches the lesion area, the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine can dilate blood vessels of the whole body. By increasing perfusion volume of the whole body, blood and oxygen supply for the damaged cells can fundamentally alleviate the status of renal ischemia and hypoxia. Furthermore, it can reduce continued damage of renal cells.

That will be great if you can also find such treatment in your place. If you didn’t found unluckily, please contact us without hesitation.



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