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Alternative Way For Kidney Failure

Are you suffering from kidney failure and doing dialysis?

If you have the complications like vomiting,high blood pressure,itching problem with kidney failure?

Are you looking for alternative treatment to treat renal failure?

Are you afraid of dialysis and its side effects?

Do you have other effective treatment for renal failure besides dialysis?

What is hemodialysis and the side effect?

Dialysis is a lifesaving treatment for those with end stage renal disease (ESRD). However, with both peritoneal dialysis (PD) and hemodialysis (HD), there are occasions when a patient may have side effects from the treatment.

According to patient’s symptoms and our clinical experience, they will get some side effect from dialysis like high/low blood pressure, electrolyte disturbance, less urine, weaker renal function…

Because dialysis is a treatment that replace our own kidneys to work. Gradually your kidneys will give up working and transplant will be suggested.

What is alternative treatment?

We have treated many patients from abroad like India, America, Canada, Saudi, Singapore…Some of their condition is not so bad that to accept dialysis. However, there is no better solution for them, just medicine to control blood pressure, blood sugar or steroid which has a lot of side effect. So they travel far to China to take Chinese medicine treatment.

How dose our TCM take effect? (traditional Chinese medicine)

Firstly, to stop the disease progress.To do this,we take advantage of points on our body,giving patients medicated foot bath,medicated full bath and acupuncture to promote blood flow,and the blood can bring more oxygen to your kidneys,then prevent more kidney cells damage.

Secondly, to repair already damaged kidney cells.Therapies like micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy,fumigation and steaming therapy can divide herbal medicine into micromolecule by machine to let them reach kidneys lesions directly,recover their function to filtrate toxins.

Thirdly, to protect the healthy kidney cells.Our experts will go ward around everyday,they can give you the specific medicine(oral medicine) based on your condition change.It can keep the healthy kidney cells from being damaged.

Almost every patient can get effect within 7-10days. While the detailed treatment effect is also according to patient’s individual condition.

Wanna know whether our treatment is effective to your medical condition? Please fill out the following form below for a basic assessment.

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What treatment is the best for Nephrotic Syndrome

Here are four signs to judge nephrotic syndrome(NS) in clinical: a lot of proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, proteinuria and heavy swelling. And heavy swelling is the most important figure of NS.

What are the main treatment for NS?

Nowadays, hormone is the first choice for nephrotic syndrome treatment. We can see successful effect(urine protein and occult blood turn to negative) in short time after hormone treatment. However, it is easy to relapse and many side effects will appear.

So how can we treat nephrotic syndrome more effectively? We think Chinese medicine is the default choice.








After the theory of renal fibrosis was applied to clinical practice, the hospital expert group of nephropathy treatment center found that only we repair damaged nephrons’ function and improve its function, can the fibrosis process be inhibited.

In order to achieve the purpose, it is necessary to use Chinese medicine to enhance kidney function and repair damaged kidney tissues. Besides, we need also restore “mechanical barrier” and “charge barrier” of gloerular basement membrane to completely eliminate urine protein and urine occult blood. This is to treat NS from root.

Apparently, the method that we combine Chinese medicine with Western medicine is the radical way for NS recovery. It indicates that Western medicine treat symptoms shortly to reduce kidney cells damage due to slow effect of Chinese medicine.

Once the targeted traditional Chinese medicine reaches the lesion area, the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine can dilate blood vessels of the whole body. By increasing perfusion volume of the whole body, blood and oxygen supply for the damaged cells can fundamentally alleviate the status of renal ischemia and hypoxia.Furthermore,it can reduce continued damage of renal cells.

That will be great if you can also find such treatment in your place. If you didn’t found unluckily, please contact us without hesitation.

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Can Iga Nephropathy Be Cured

Many patients wonder if Iga can be cured in the world. We all know that Iga nephropathy is one of kidney diseases. Once you are diagnosed by this disease, you need go to hospital for specialized treatment. While what kind of treatment is the best? Now we introduce some treatment for you.

1. Causes of Iga nephropathy

Iga can hurt patients to certain level. Some patients listen to some rumor or some advertisement and start treatment easily, finally they miss the treatment opportunity, even lost their life. Actually Iga is caused by our abnormal immunit. Our immune system is composed of the natural immune system and the standby system. When foreign material invades our body, the clearance ability to remove these foreign material of natural immune system reduced . It causes damage to the kidneys, leading to the development of kidney disease.







2. Symptoms of Iga nephropathy

Professor said that Iga nephropathy can get a good effect at the early stage. And the symptoms of this disease usually have following sides:

(1)Here is gross hematuria in patient’s urine.

(2)Light proteinuria but less urine

(3)High blood pressure

3.Common treatment for Iga nephropathy

The patients who have no obvious swelling, hypertension, hematuria, less proteinuria and non renal insufficiency can work on light work. While you need prevent respiratory tract infection, avoid overwork. Don’t use toxic medicine which will damage your kidneys.

4.Hormones, immunosuppressive therapy

This treatment is effective in short time, but people just want to refuse it due to the serious side effect. Some patient’s kidneys get further damage,even kidneys get shrink and rely on dialysis for survive. The treatment cost is also higher at this stage.

5. Chinese medicine treatment

We combine English medicine with Chinese medicine to repair kidneys cells and improve kidney function. Nowadays we get great achievement.

If you are interested, please contact us freely.

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The Latest Treatment for Kidney Failure

Are you suffering from Kidney Failure?

Are your facing high creatinine and BUN level and seeing GFR decreasing day by day?

Is your blood pressure and sugar level out of control after trying various drugs?

Are you annoyed with the side effects of your medications?

Are you on dialysis but so fed up it? Do you wanna a treatment to out of dialysis?

Are you on the waiting list of kidney transplant but worried due to a forlorn hope?

Our leading experts team can help you solve the problems you are facing by using our featured Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies. Our treatment can help control the underlying cause, slow down and stop the progression of kidney failure, as well as improve your impaired kidney functions by:

– remove the immune complex-the root cause of inflammations on your kidneys.

– restore the damaged kidney tissues and improve impaired kidney functions

– promote renal blood circulation, block kidney fibrosis and prevent blood coagulation

– regulate blood pressure and reduce blood sugar levels, as well as keep fluids balance in the body.

Chinese medicine

What are the efficacy of our TCM treatment?

Our natural TCM treatment for kidney failure can help control the symptoms in a short term and improve kidney functions in a long term. After treatment, kidney failure patients can get remarkable changes, such as:

– declining blood pressure and blood sugar level, as well as swellings in 1 week;

– better appetite and sleep, as well as energy improvement in 2 weeks;

– reduce proteinuria, hematuria and creatinine level, improve red blood cellos in 1 month

– restore kidney functions and improve GFR in 3-6 months.

Attention: the individual efficacy may vary. Wanna know whether our treatment is effective to your medical condition? Please fill out the following form below for a basic assessment.

Does Our TCM treatment have side effects?

All of our TCM treatment uses natural herbs, which is totally different from chemical drugs. And most of our treatments are applied externally, thereby, our treatment avoids the side effects of chemical drugs, such as weight gain, bad appetite, memory problems, menstrual disorders, hair loss etc.

Can our TCM treatment help kidney failure patients avoid dialysis?

Our TCM treatment can help repair the damaged glomerular cells and tissues to improve kidney function naturally. When your kidney condition turns to better, you can expect to reduce or even stop the rely on dialysis.

Patient Story

I am Brayden, from Australia. Before I came here, I was diagnosed with kidney failure and I was on dialysis for half year; swellings was gone just within 2 weeks; my creatinine level was 11 and now it dropped to 1.4. I don’t need dialysis any more today. My doctor told me that I deserved a fulfilled life and he did it!

“this is my daughter and we are from Tanzania. She had nephrotic syndrome. We have been to many hospitals and tried many treatment, but her proteinuria comes and goes. And I lost all hopes when no treatment can stop the relapse. It is the magic TCM treatment save my daughter! My daughter’s protein in urine is reversed from 4 + to negative just in one month; Now we are leaving this lovely hospital but we will remember all of people here! ”

I, Carl, From Philippines. I was suffering from PKD a very long time. I was introduced to this hospital from my sister. When I arrived here, the ultrasound showed my kidneys; I am unable to believe that the natural therapy reduces my kidney size 4 cm already! I suggest TCM treatment to all PKD patients.

(before treatment: right kidney size is 176*89*71mm,left kidney size is 188*97*86mm; after treatment: right kidney size is 161*90*74mm, the left kidney size 170*92*80mm)

My name is Zaki and I am from Afghanistan. I was diagnosed with Kidney Failure and in my hometown, there is no other choice apart from dialysis and kidney transplant. But I sought out in hopes for a better solution and thank God, I found it. Before I got TCM treatment, I often feel fatigue and no energy. But all kidney numbers began to improve within a month! And my creatinine dropped to 2.3 from 6.2, urine amount increase to 1600 from 800ml. I am happy with my results!

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What Should PKD Patient Pay Attention to

Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a genetic disease (passed from an affected parent to their child) causing uncontrolled growth of cysts in the kidney eventually leading to kidney failure.

PKD affects thousands in the United States and millions worldwide – and yet, many people have never heard of it. Learn basic facts about what PKD is, how it impacts people and how the PKD Foundation helps. The more people who know about PKD, the closer we can get to treatments and a cure. Together, we can raise awareness and fight PKD.

Surely a good diet and life style can also do great help in prevent risk of PKD patients. So you need pay special attention to it.

But no specific diet or lifestyle measures have been shown to prevent cysts developing in people with ADPKD. However, a healthy lifestyle may help to protect your kidney function and reduce your blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular problems, such as stroke. Keeping your blood pressure down is especially important, as high blood pressure can damage your kidneys if you have ADPKD.

Tips for a healthy diet and lifestyle include:

· Maintain a healthy weight

· Drink enough fluid to stay hydrated

· Aim for a balanced diet that is low in salt, sugar and fat

· Take regular exercise

· Limit how much alcohol you drink

· Stop smoking

The information on this page is for people with ADPKD who are not on dialysis and don’t have very low kidney function (i.e. people whose kidney function is above 30%). If you are on dialysis, have low kidney function or have been given specific dietary or lifestyle advice from a healthcare professional, the advice on this page might be wrong for you.

If you have any concerns, always ask your doctor before making any changes to your own or your child’s diet or lifestyle.

If you still have any other questions, please tell me freely.

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What Are the Main Causes of Kidney Disease

Each thing happens for a reason, such as kidney disease. Here are many reasons of kidney disease that be ignored by people. Except some primary cause like hypertension, diabetes or heart disease. We would like tell you some main causes based on our clinical experience.

1. Studies from the perspective of hemorheology prove that significantly increased plasma viscosity, whole blood viscosity, fibrin content and platelet aggregation are important causes of renal cell ischemia or necrosis.

2. Indfection is one of the causes of this disease. Pharyngitis, tonsillitis and other infections will cause this disease. Cold is the most common infection to bring or aggravate this disease.

3. Adverse external environmental factors, such as wind, cold and dampness, will lead to the reduction of the body’s own immune function and disease resistance.

4. Overwork reduces the immunity of human body, which will lead to this disease in the long run.

5. Long-term holding urine is not only easy to cause bladder injury, but also bacterial reproduction. Once it returns to the ureter and kidney, toxic substances in it will cause kidney infection, which will cause urinary tract infection, even uremia.

6. Misuse of drugs is the common seen reason.

A lot of cold medicine, antiphlogistic painkiller, reducing weight medicine and Chinese herbal medicine have kidney toxicity, and these drugs are used widely. The citizens that do not have medical knowledge is dangerous. Obese people are prone to chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, which, if poorly controlled, can damage the kidneys in the long run, indirectly causing the disease.

Too much salt is also a trigger.The main component of salt is sodium chloride . Sodium is our necessary mineral nutrients. Chloride is helpful to gastric juice production and maintain the osmotic pressure of blood . But if the the sodium level is high in our blood, it may cause swelling and high blood pressure. As we all know high blood pressure can lead to kidney disease.

Now that you know some reasons of kidney disease, we hope you can have a good habit of life and diet to prevent kidney disease. If you have any questions, please contact us freely.

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Is Protein in Urine Curable

As we all know, urine protein is one important figure of nephritis. Because protein is a kind of nutrition of our body and our normal people will not have protein in urine.

What is proteinuria

Along with fats and sugars, proteins form the major building blocks for our bodies. The right amount of protein is important in our diets, for growth and repair.

Protein is present in the blood; healthy kidneys should only filter tiny(trace) amounts into the urine as most protein molecules are too large for filters(glomeruli)

It is not usual to lose protein in the urine. When this dose happen it is known as “Proteinuria”.Several proteins can be found in the urine, but the most relevant to kidney disease is albumin.

Protein in the urine is not usually obvious , but can be detected by a simple dip-stick test, or sometimes by more sensitive lab tests.

The presence of protein in the urine can act as a warning signal that not all is well with the kidneys.

What dose it mean?

Proteinuria means there is something wrong with the kidney. Some warning signals make it more likely to be an important kidney problem:

Large amounts of protein in the urine.

There are also positive tests for blood in the urine.

Abnormal kidney tests(creatinine or eGFR)

High blood pressure

You are young

Heavy Proteinuria e.g. more than 2-3g per day.

Can it be cured?

If you have temporary or mild proteinuria, you likely won’t need treatment. But if you have consistent proteinuria, you’ll need to treat the underlying condition.

So if you are worrying about your condition, you can contact us and tell us your basic condition for evaluation. Hope you can get recovered soon!

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How to Treat Renal Edema Effectively

Edema is one clinical symptom of chronic nephritis. Most patients have repeating symptom of edema and treatment plan is different for different patients with different type of renal edema.

The reason of renal edema

1. Serum protein leaks into urine which reduces protein volume in blood. Once protein level decreases in blood, the water will go into tissue space, causing edema.

This is edema of nephritic syndrome. So to remove edema completely, you need reduce protein leakage.

2. Kidney tubular and glomerulus become unbalanced. Glomerulus filtration rate decreases but reabsorption function of kidney tubular become strong. Therefore, a lot of water can not be removed out and stay in your body.

This is edema of nephritis. The common used medicine is diuretic.

3. In a word, here are two main reasons of renal edema. Firstly, kidney can not excrete water out of your body. Secondly, kidneys leak out a lot of protein. To be specific, chronic nephritis will make renal function decline which affect glomerulus and kidney tubular function, then water abd sodium can not be cleaned out through urine. Gradually water and salt stay in your body, bringing edema.

Besides, decreased renal function can not keep protein in our body and these protein leak out, aggravating edema in your body.

Where you can go for edema treatment

Chinese medicine treatment is the key treatment for renal edema. Our hospital consider patient’s condition and symptoms to improve patient’s ability to remove antigen, reduce and repair damage of basement membrane, improve blood flow into kidneys. At the same time, we can restrain immune complex and development of renal fibrosis. With renal function improvement, renal edema will also get treated.

If you are interested, please contact us by whatsapp of 008615230829917

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