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What is the Dietary Restrictions Of Kidney Disease

Recently many patients ask about forbidden food for kidney disease. Considering almost patient’s food habits, we give following suggestions for your reference.







1、Avoid seafood, lamb, beef, spicy food, and wine which can easily lead to allergy. You need obey it strictly if you have constipation, sweating and blood urine problems. But the patients with cold limbs and liquid stools can take some lamb and beef.

2、It is better to avoid litchi and chocolate that contains high heat, particularly for chest distress and windy patients.

3、Uremia patients should keep normal bowel movement; sleep early; take rest and avoid getting cold.

4、Patients with high serum potassium should take less food like: banana、potato、tomato、pumpkin、tea、sugar.

5、If you have high blood uric acid, you need avoid eating animal liver, beer, mushrooms、bean and spinach.

6、For high blood phosphorus patients,they should reduce some food intake like: milk products, egg white, ice cream, peanut, seeds, chocolate, and etc.

7、For diabetic dialysis patients, besides high sugar diet, they need also pay attention to several sides:

Due to their good appetite after dialysis, they should add protein and heat quantity from food. Because they will lose 2~3.5g protein in each dialysis. After dialysis, it is best to take 1-1.2g/kg protein everyday. That means they can eat 2 eggs, 500ml milk, and proper fish per day.

To protect your kidney function perfectly, you can also make a diet chart and obey it. You need be autonomic, after all doctors can not be with you in 24 hours. Thanks for reading.

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