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Can You do Sports with Purpura Nephritis

Purpura nephritis means kidney damage caused by anaphylactoid purpura. How do you get anaphylactoid purpura? Here are some reasons:

① Bacteria, virus and parasitic infection can lead to allergic reaction.

② People are allergic to medicine and food.

③ Furthermore, the plant pollen、insect bites and cold stimulation can also cause anaphylactoid.

Besides skin purpura, other clinical manifestations of purpura nephritis are joint pain, stomachache, blood stool. Of course, here are also blood urine and protein urine if you are diagnosed purpura nephritis.

Generally speaking, doctors will suggest do some exercises when you get illness, because sweating is good for our health. While you are demands to rest on bed when you get acute disease like acute nephritis. So could purpura nephritis patients do exercises?







Yes, you can. Because in our Chinese medicine theory, we think“flow water won’t be rancid, the door and window won’t be bitten by insects”“life lies on movement”. It is right to do proper exercise, but not to be tired, otherwise your condition can get worse or bring other lesions. Proper exercise helps to improve our immunity, increase appetite, improve physical fitness and reduce cold which can induce or aggravate nephritis. At the same time, doing exercise can promote blood circulation, reduce blood sedimentation poison and protect renal function eventually.

Overload exercise will make you feel fatigue, weaken your immunity on the contrary. So it is very important for you to know how much exercise you need to do.

Honestly speaking, to keep healthy, here are many sports you can choose, such as exercise on bed, sports indoor, walking outside, running, ride a bike and etc. Patients can increase amount of exercise gradually based on their condition.

With the weather becoming cold, please reduce go outside. If you have to, please keep warm to avoid getting cold or upper respiratory tract infection.

So for purpura patients, you can do some exercise to enhance your body function. If you still have some questions about kidney problem, please contact us directly.

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