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Will Diabetic Nephropathy be Treated Well

Diabetic nephropathy indicates that the pathological changes of capillaries caused by diabetes involves the kidney, causing the pathological damage of the kidney. This disease is common among patients with over 10 years diabetes.






Glomerular sclerosis between capillary is one of the major diabetic microvascular disease, caused by the damaged glomerular basement membrane barrier. It leads to protein leakage into urine. The key point of treatment is to control blood sugar and repair damaged kidneys at the same time.

Our hospital give patient Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy(heating kidneys area by herbal medicine) to expand kidney artery, improve partial microcirculation,cut off development of renal injury and provide necessary nutrition for our kidneys like amino acid, vitamin and microelement,etc.As long as the damaged renal pathological tissue get repaired and glomerular basement membrane get recovered,then protein will not leak out.

So can diabetic nephropathy be treated well?

1. Here is still no perfect treatment for diabetes. Almost patients featured with nephrotic syndrome are not advised to take glucocorticoid, cytotoxic drugs.

2. You need to control blood sugar level actively, including diet, oral medicine and injection of insulin. Remember to adjust dosage of insulin and oral medicine based on your blood sugar level when you have azotemia.

3. Limit protein intake.(<=0.8g/day).

4. For the patients who has high blood pressure or swelling and renal function is normal, you can take small dose of thiazide diuretic. Patients with renal insufficiency should take loop diuretic or indapamide tablets.

5. To control your blood pressure under 18.6Kpa. We suggest you ACEI hypotensor which can help reduce protein leakage when control high blood pressure.

6. You had better treat hyperlipemia and hyperlipemia.

7. Apply antiplatelet aggregation and adhesion drugs, such as aspirin or heparin and etc.

8. When your creatinine level is over 707umol/l, you need consider substitution therapy.

Generally, without formal treatment, it will develop to renal failure after 5-12 years. We sincerely hope that you can go to hospital to take systematic treatment and do not miss the opportunity to get recover!

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