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How To Lower Creatinine Level

Dose your creatinine level is over 120umol/L? or 1.3mg/dl?

Do you know what dose it mean of higher creatinine level?

What treatment/medicine can reduce creatinine level effectively?

If you should accept dialysis when your creatinine level is 707umol/l?

In which stage can kidney disease be reversed?






What is creatinine level?

Creatinine is the metabolite of our muscle in our body. The normal level of our creatinine level is between 40-120umol/L.

How dose your creatinine level increase?

When your kidneys get damages, the glomeruli function to adjust and detox declines. Gradually, these metabolite like creatinine can’t be discharged sufficiently out of your body which will stay in our blood and the level goes up. Once the serum creatinine level is over 120umol/L, it means the creatinine level is over the normal range.

What should we do to reduce the creatinine level?

You have known the reason of high creatinine level. So the fundamental method to reduce it is to repair our damaged kidney cells and improve our kidney function to discharge creatinine through urine.

At the same time, patients should follow strict diet with low salt, low fat and high quality protein like egg white and pure milk.







What is the specific treatment of our hospital to reduce creatinine level?

Because kidney disease is a complicated disease(the inducement is not exacted) and it is easy to get relapse. You need a systematic treatment.

Here we provide your traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

Before giving patients any treatment, we will make clear about the reasons that increase creatinine level. After that, expert consultation will be hold to make specific treatment plan for the patient.

The treatment include oral medicine and external therapies like Osmotherapy, Medicated full bath, medicated full bath, Steaming therapy and etc. Here we introduce you function of this systematic treatment.

  1. Once the targetedtraditional Chinese medicine reaches the lesion area, the active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine can dilate blood vessels of the whole body.
  2. By increasing perfusion volume of the whole body, blood and oxygen supply for the damaged cells can fundamentally alleviate the status of renal ischemia and hypoxia.
  3. Furthermore,it can reduce continued damage of renal cells.

The advantage of Chinese medicine treatment are:

It has no side effect and no pain when you taking this treatment. On the contrary, you will enjoy it!

We will combine several of those therapies based on patients condition, most of them will get effect within 7-10days. If you have any questions, tell us freely.

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The Latest Treatment for Kidney Failure

Are you suffering from Kidney Failure?

Are your facing high creatinine and BUN level and seeing GFR decreasing day by day?

Is your blood pressure and sugar level out of control after trying various drugs?

Are you annoyed with the side effects of your medications?

Are you on dialysis but so fed up it? Do you wanna a treatment to out of dialysis?

Are you on the waiting list of kidney transplant but worried due to a forlorn hope?

Our leading experts team can help you solve the problems you are facing by using our featured Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies. Our treatment can help control the underlying cause, slow down and stop the progression of kidney failure, as well as improve your impaired kidney functions by:

– remove the immune complex-the root cause of inflammations on your kidneys.

– restore the damaged kidney tissues and improve impaired kidney functions

– promote renal blood circulation, block kidney fibrosis and prevent blood coagulation

– regulate blood pressure and reduce blood sugar levels, as well as keep fluids balance in the body.

Chinese medicine

What are the efficacy of our TCM treatment?

Our natural TCM treatment for kidney failure can help control the symptoms in a short term and improve kidney functions in a long term. After treatment, kidney failure patients can get remarkable changes, such as:

– declining blood pressure and blood sugar level, as well as swellings in 1 week;

– better appetite and sleep, as well as energy improvement in 2 weeks;

– reduce proteinuria, hematuria and creatinine level, improve red blood cellos in 1 month

– restore kidney functions and improve GFR in 3-6 months.

Attention: the individual efficacy may vary. Wanna know whether our treatment is effective to your medical condition? Please fill out the following form below for a basic assessment.

Does Our TCM treatment have side effects?

All of our TCM treatment uses natural herbs, which is totally different from chemical drugs. And most of our treatments are applied externally, thereby, our treatment avoids the side effects of chemical drugs, such as weight gain, bad appetite, memory problems, menstrual disorders, hair loss etc.

Can our TCM treatment help kidney failure patients avoid dialysis?

Our TCM treatment can help repair the damaged glomerular cells and tissues to improve kidney function naturally. When your kidney condition turns to better, you can expect to reduce or even stop the rely on dialysis.

Patient Story

I am Brayden, from Australia. Before I came here, I was diagnosed with kidney failure and I was on dialysis for half year; swellings was gone just within 2 weeks; my creatinine level was 11 and now it dropped to 1.4. I don’t need dialysis any more today. My doctor told me that I deserved a fulfilled life and he did it!

“this is my daughter and we are from Tanzania. She had nephrotic syndrome. We have been to many hospitals and tried many treatment, but her proteinuria comes and goes. And I lost all hopes when no treatment can stop the relapse. It is the magic TCM treatment save my daughter! My daughter’s protein in urine is reversed from 4 + to negative just in one month; Now we are leaving this lovely hospital but we will remember all of people here! ”

I, Carl, From Philippines. I was suffering from PKD a very long time. I was introduced to this hospital from my sister. When I arrived here, the ultrasound showed my kidneys; I am unable to believe that the natural therapy reduces my kidney size 4 cm already! I suggest TCM treatment to all PKD patients.

(before treatment: right kidney size is 176*89*71mm,left kidney size is 188*97*86mm; after treatment: right kidney size is 161*90*74mm, the left kidney size 170*92*80mm)

My name is Zaki and I am from Afghanistan. I was diagnosed with Kidney Failure and in my hometown, there is no other choice apart from dialysis and kidney transplant. But I sought out in hopes for a better solution and thank God, I found it. Before I got TCM treatment, I often feel fatigue and no energy. But all kidney numbers began to improve within a month! And my creatinine dropped to 2.3 from 6.2, urine amount increase to 1600 from 800ml. I am happy with my results!

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Four Advantages of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Nephrotic Syndrome

Most patients with nephrotic syndrome take western medicines such as prednisone, cyclophosphamide and other medicines for a long period of time during treatment. Gradually patients often have a severe dependence on this during the treatment process, which reduces body’s sensitivity to medicine and reduces the patient’s resistance.

Patients become susceptible to colds, and often relapse attack , not mention to cure. And long-term use of such drugs will also cause certain damage due to the large toxic side effects of such drugs.

Experts from the Nephrology Department of Hebei Hepatopathy Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (HHHTCM) found that traditional Chinese medicine has great advantages in clinical treatment of this disease in long-term clinical practice. The following describes the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine in the clinical treatment of this disease:

1.Elimination of urinary protein

Pharmacological studies have proven that many Chinese medicines such as Cordyceps sinensis, Serissa japonica, Astragalus, Dandelion, Forsythia etc. have the function of improving cellular immunity and humoral immunity. We also found through a large number of clinical observations that such medicines can improve Antigen’s scavenging ability, repair the damage of glomerular basement membrane, increase renal blood flow, promote the absorption of fibrous tissue, make glomerular repair and eliminate urine protein.

2.Improve renal function.

Clinical findings show Qingre Jiedu medicines such as Honeysuckle Flower can inhibit the formation of immune complexes and inhibit the formation of glomerular fibrosis. The repair of diseased epithelial tissues has obvious effects. Medicines to activate blood and soften stiffness such as saffron, salvia, and Red Paeony Root can relax renal vascular smooth muscle, relieve vasospasm, improve renal blood flow, so as to protect the kidney.

3.Reducing the side effects of English medicine

It solves the rebound effect of steroids. In the process of applying steroids and immunosuppressants, patients often have various problems like immune disorder, immunity decline, relapse, gastrointestinal reactions and bone marrow suppression. In clinical treatment, we will give treatment to tonify spleen and kidneys, warm and improve renal Yang so as to relieve the side effecs of steroids and immunosuppresive agents., regulate immune function as well as solve the problem of relapse due to steroids reduce.

4.Improve body’s sensitivity to steroids

Less than half of patients with nephrotic syndrome are sensitive to steroids, and it is difficult to use immunosuppressive medicines. But after the proper application of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, most patients can get good clinical effect because their body’s insensitivity to medicines turn sensitive. However, the application of combined Chinese medicine and Western medicine must be based on syndrome differentiation and dialectical treatment. Specific treatment solution for individual case, can expect satisfactory results.

Here are many  advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in treating nephrotic syndrome.It is dialectical ,individualized and targeted treatment that can achieve very good treatment results. And under the guidance of the overall concept,we can comprehensively grasp the changes and development of the kidney, combine prevention and cure, treat both symptoms and disease from the root.

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Does Kidney Failure Require Dialysis If Creatinine Higher Than 600?

We just received an international patient from Albania. Due to the kidney failure, his creatinine increased to 600umol/L, doctors from the local hospital requested him to do dialysis. This patient worried that the disease would progress to uremia once dialysis started. This patient was not willing to dialysis, so he travel to our hospital in China for the Chinese medicine Treatment. Creatinine increased to 600 in renal failure, is it a must to take dialysis?

Director Yang of the Department of Nephrology in HBHHTCM said that dialysis or not could not just refer to creatinine. The key indicator for dialysis is glomerular filtration rate and complications.

Glomerular filtration rate is less than 5

The glomerular filtration rate is between 5-10, and has heart failure, hyperkalemia, and acidosis.

If the condition conforms to any of the above, the dialysis will be a must.

If creatinine higher than 600umol/L, dialysis just gets started without considering the reversible elements.

There are two types of factors in the progression of renal function, one is reversible and the other is irreversible. Uremia caused by renal fibrosis, sclerosis, and cell necrosis is irreversible. When kidney cells die, it is impossible to revive.

Renal failure caused by active lesions, infection, dehydration, malignant hypertension, and nephrotoxic substances is reversible. At this time, acute swelling and inflammation occurred to kidney cells, which affected renal function. After reversible factors were eliminated, the state of renal failure was relieved and renal function could be partially restored.

For patients with reversible factors, renal function can recover quickly. If treated in time, renal function can be restored within one week. Patients need pay attention to B ultrasound result to see if renal function can be restored.

Some patients have not checked their kidney function for a long time, or just found the disease, and their creatinine is over six or seven hundred. At this time, they are stunned. How do I know if my kidney function can recover or not?

Patients can look at the size of the kidneys on B ultrasound, which is more intuitive.

When renal fibrosis damaged kidney to no function, the kidneys will shrink completely. If the B ultrasound shows that kidney atrophy is not too severe, then kidney function can be restored more or less. If serum creatinine showed in renal failure or even uremia but not other key indicators: blood pressure, hemoglobin, and carbon dioxide binding capacity, there should be still rescue for kidneys.

Is dialysis required when creatinine is higher than 600umol/L? This is up to the actual illness condition!

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Can Anemic Patient with Renal Failure Take Blood Transfusion?

According to statistics, at least more than half of patients with kidney disease will develop anemia, and anemia will cause hypoxia in the kidneys, and more injured renal cells will further aggravate renal disease. How to treat anemia? People would usually consider to supplement iron and blood transfusion. Iron supplementation is not a big problem, but can patients with kidney disease often transfuse blood?

Before discussing this issue, we should firstly understand why patients with kidney disease are easy to be anemic?

In addition to filtering function, the kidney also has an important function, that is the secretion of erythropoietin. This is usually shorted as EPO. The biggest role of erythropoietin is to “command” the bone marrow to perform the hematopoietic function. Therefore, if the secretion of erythropoietin is insufficient, the hematopoietic activity of the bone marrow will decrease and anemia will occur. This is called “renal anemia”

In addition, patients with kidney disease, especially who has increased creatinine, have higher blood endotoxins which can reduce the life span of red blood cells. This is a major cause of anemia.

What does this have to do with the inability of blood transfusions in patients with kidney disease?

Certainly, Blood transfusion do not have any help to the production of erythropoietin, and there are toxic substances such as erythropoiesis inhibitors in the blood transfused, which inhibits further the already small amount of erythropoietin and it is difficult to play a role.

And as mentioned above, toxins in patients with kidney disease not only inhibit the production of new red blood cells, but also have a lethal effect on existing red blood cells, which can accelerate the withering of red blood cell. The breakdown of dead red blood cells can aggravate the accumulation of nitrogen metabolites, placing an additional burden on the kidneys that have been unable to work.

Moreover, excessive blood transfusion can cause increased blood urea nitrogen and increased potassium, which aggravates the condition. At the same time, the risk of hepatitis virus transmission has also increased.

Therefore, it is not very good to rely on frequent blood transfusion to treat anemia. Normally, as long as erythropoietin, iron, folic acid and other medicines are given, and the patient’s appetite is adjusted from the diet, and the lack of nutrients get supplemented, that will be no problem.

Although it is not advised to give blood transfusion to anemic patients with renal failure, it is not clinically possible to apply mechanically.

Patients with chronic renal failure do not need blood transfusion when hemoglobin is more than or equal to 6g. If hemoglobin <6g has caused severe hypoxia in various organs, the patient can be given a small amount of concentrated red blood cells or a small amount of blood transfusion to improve the cell hypoxia. If the patient is found to have a significant bleeding tendency, a platelet suspension or fresh blood is needed.

In Nephrology Dept. Of HBHHTCM, we aim at the problem of anemia from renal failure. Combined traditional Chinese and western medicine will be given to treat symptomatic treatment while focusing on syndrome differentiation and overall treatment to prevent further development of kidney injury, restore part of renal function, and protect residual renal function. By this, patient’s anemia due to renal failure will be fundamentally solved and Uremia can be avoided.

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To what extent can traditional Chinese and western medicine treat renal failure?

The combination of western and chinese medicine treatment in neohrology department of hebei hepatopathy hospital of traditional chinese medicine is systematic treatment that can reduce renal inflammation and avoid renal damage to reverse invertible kidney this way,process of kidney damage is prevented and patients can live normal life.

The aim of treatment for renal failure in nephrology department of Hebei hepatopathy hospital of traditional chinese medicine is not only to reduce creatinine level,the more important factor is that it can delay renal sclerosis and shrinking necrosis to the maximum..

Many clinical research show that patients receving treatment of controlling complications of high blood pressure,anemia,etc will gradually reduce glomerular filtration rate.While patients receiving herbal treatment appear increased glomerular filtration rate and rare side effects.It is common phenomenon that patients in serious stage will lower creatinine level and increase GFR after herbal treatment.

Though no cure for kidney failure,it can be controlled,there is still hope for treatment of kidney failure.

Renal failure patients with acute factors is not real chronic kidney failure and can be partly or wholely reversed.

What type of renal kidney failure can be reversed?

1.kidney failure caused by infection

2.kidney failure caused by renal ischemia such as more sweating less drinking water,hemorrhage,working in hot temperature,etc.

3.drug-induced kidney failure lesions to kidney failure

5.kidney failure caused by malignant hypertension

6.temporary increased creatinine level caused by medicine

Kidney function can be reversed in these above items after solving the causes.

Therefore even the same disease,due to different causes,different renal lesions and different patients,there is dialectical treatment.Though there is more than 80% damaged for renal failure patients,there is part of nephrons in normal condition.With the help of western and Chinese medicine treatment,blood purfusion in kidney will be increased and GFR can be improved to protect normal nephrons,at the same time,damaged nephrons can be repaired to normal and blood creatinine and urea level will be lowered to normal range.

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