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Will High Creatinine Level Cause Kidney Failure Certainly

Do you think that high creatinine level cannot be reduced? And it will definitely develop into uremia finally?

Actually creatinine is really more complicated than protein urine. Protein urine can be reduced by effect of steroid、immunosuppressor、anti-inflammatory drug、blood pressure tablet and etc. While here is almost no specific medicine for high creatinine level. So that people will think here is no treatment for it.



High creatinine level is usually related to uremia. Creatinine is one kind of matabolic waste which means kidneys are damaged when it accumulates in blood. The higher the creatinine level, the more damage the kidneys. If you can not discharge creatinine out of your body timely, it is easy to get uremia.

So if it is must be uremia if creatinine level increases? No.

Though high creatinine is one of feature of uremia, here are other key points to judge kidney function-GFR (glomerular filtration rate), urine protein and high blood pressure. You need make clear about these figures which is helpful for your treatment.

So over 50% of kidney damage rather than high creatinine will increase risk of uremia.

And not all high creatinine level can not be reduced. The following 2 conditions is hopeful!

1. Here is acute factor that exists in the chronic kidney disease.

In the treatment of chronic kidney disease, here is possible an acute factor which aggravate patient’s condition like cold, fever or other infection. These factors can make creatinine level increase suddenly and higher.

2. No-chronic kidney disease factors

It is common seen in summer when the weather is hot, more sweating, less water intake which makes hemoconcentration and high creatinine level. Further, suddenly strenuous exercise can lead to rhabdomyolysis. So that myohemoglobin accumulates in kidney tubules which results in acute kidney damage.

So if we can find these factors timely and correct them, patient’s condition can recover.

Honestly speaking, it is abnormal if creatinine level increase 200-300umol/L in one week. It is controllable though creatinine increase small. Please do not just wait.

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Renal Disease Stages and Its Characteristics

The stages of chronic kidney disease is according to different renal function index like glomerular filtration rage, endogenous creatinine clearance rate and serum creatinine level and etc.Through these index,we can learn patients’ chronic kidney disease stage,then make sure the prevention and treatment goal and take reasonable treatment measure.








The first stage:inflamed injury stage

1. Pathological changes. This stage only means the damage of renal cells, renal tissue’s ischemia and hypoxia. Local changes of glomerulars: mesangial cell proliferation, mesangial matrix increasing, charge barrier injury, permeability enhancement, etc.Once the effective treatment is missed at this stage, the kidney disease will enter the refractory stage.

2. Clinical symptoms: slight eyelid edema in the morning, increased urine foam, unstable blood pressure, occult blood, urine protein, etc., with blood creatinine being higher than 133 umol/L.

The second stage is renal injury

1. Pathological changes: Due to delayed treatment at the stage of inflammed injury, glomerular become sclerosis; tubular shrink and atrophy;and renal tissue fibrosis occurred, which resulted in the gradual reduction of renal units, aggravated progressive renal function injury, and progressive deterioration of the disease.

2. Clinical manifestations: increased blood pressure, dizziness, headache, loss of appetite, anemia and fatigue, cool limbs, edema, increased nocturnal urination, increased foam, etc.Renal volume began to shrink, blood flow of both kidneys decreased, filtration function decreased, excretion function delayed, creatinine clearance rate decreased, blood creatinine being over 186 mol/L, creatinine, urea nitrogen, uric acid and urine protein began to rise, getting azotemia, etc.

Stage 3, renal failure (the advanced stage is uremia)

Due to ineffective control of renal fibrosis and renal damage, glomerular sclerosis is aggravated, glomerular atrophy and necrosis, renal unit depletion, severe renal function loss, and renal failure (uremia in the late stage).

failure, digestive tract hemorrhage, renal bone disease and so on, serum creatinine being over 451 mu mol/L, uremia period even as high as more than 1000 mu mol/L.Creatinine clearance is less than 20 ml/min, even 10 ml/min at uremia period , severe anemia, high blood pressure, electrolyte imbalance and acid-base balance disorders, excretion disorder, no urine, double renal severe fibrosis and so on, a lot of toxic urine retention in the body, harm the body organs.2. Clinical manifestations. Other system appear serious complications, such as heart

If you want to know which stage you are in, you can leave us a message below/ you can send your name, gender, medical conditions to We will give you a reply within 24 hours.

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