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How does herbal treatment treat lupus nephritis?

It is prone to recur for lupus nephritis.Lupus is active again after patients suffer from overwork,low immunity or infection.Avoiding the relapse of lupus is the key point in the improvement of prognosis forf lupus nephritis.During treatment of steroids or reducing dosage of steroids,with the help of dialectical herbal treatment to regulate and improve patient’s immunity.In this way,replapse can be reduced and prognosis can be improved.

Regarding lupus nephritis,we first talk about systemic lupus erythematosus.It is recognized as a kind of immunity disease,which there are more female patients than male patients。The ratio of men and women is about 1:8~1:9

The lesions of lupus erythematosus can reach to some body organs,if to skin,patients appear butterfly erythema in face,if to joints,patients appear joint pain,if to kidney,kidney will be affected and will cause lupus nephritis.Therefore,in normal condition,patients suffer from nephritis secondary to lupus.

There is high incidence for the association of lupus erythematosus and nephris,about 50%~70% patients appear to have the clinical  symptoms of lupus nephritis.Patients with lupus eyrthematosus should pay more attention to the kidney function test.It is best if they can check the blood and urine every year to see whether there is kidney damage.

World health organization divides lupus erythematosus into six types,they are:Ⅰ normal or minimal change type;Ⅱmesangial proliferative type;Ⅲfocal proliferative type;Ⅳdiffuse proliferative type;ⅤMembrane type;Ⅵsclerotic type.

Due to different pathlogical types of lupus nephritis,immune lesions are also different,so treatment plans in nephrology department of Hebei hepatopathy hospital of traditional chinese medicine.Treatment is given dialectically with pathlogical types.

At the same time,we need to tell patients that lupus nephritis is a kind of autoimmune disease which will affect whole body system,so treatment period might be long.The clinical symptoms of lupus nephritis is blood and protein in urine,whole body swelling,fever and other renal syndrome.So patients should actively cooperate in treatment and receive systematic Chinese medicine treatmet to protect normal kidney and delay the process of fibrosis to reverse kidney function.

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