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The Latest Treatment for Kidney Failure

Are you suffering from Kidney Failure?

Are your facing high creatinine and BUN level and seeing GFR decreasing day by day?

Is your blood pressure and sugar level out of control after trying various drugs?

Are you annoyed with the side effects of your medications?

Are you on dialysis but so fed up it? Do you wanna a treatment to out of dialysis?

Are you on the waiting list of kidney transplant but worried due to a forlorn hope?

Our leading experts team can help you solve the problems you are facing by using our featured Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies. Our treatment can help control the underlying cause, slow down and stop the progression of kidney failure, as well as improve your impaired kidney functions by:

– remove the immune complex-the root cause of inflammations on your kidneys.

– restore the damaged kidney tissues and improve impaired kidney functions

– promote renal blood circulation, block kidney fibrosis and prevent blood coagulation

– regulate blood pressure and reduce blood sugar levels, as well as keep fluids balance in the body.

Chinese medicine

What are the efficacy of our TCM treatment?

Our natural TCM treatment for kidney failure can help control the symptoms in a short term and improve kidney functions in a long term. After treatment, kidney failure patients can get remarkable changes, such as:

– declining blood pressure and blood sugar level, as well as swellings in 1 week;

– better appetite and sleep, as well as energy improvement in 2 weeks;

– reduce proteinuria, hematuria and creatinine level, improve red blood cellos in 1 month

– restore kidney functions and improve GFR in 3-6 months.

Attention: the individual efficacy may vary. Wanna know whether our treatment is effective to your medical condition? Please fill out the following form below for a basic assessment.

Does Our TCM treatment have side effects?

All of our TCM treatment uses natural herbs, which is totally different from chemical drugs. And most of our treatments are applied externally, thereby, our treatment avoids the side effects of chemical drugs, such as weight gain, bad appetite, memory problems, menstrual disorders, hair loss etc.

Can our TCM treatment help kidney failure patients avoid dialysis?

Our TCM treatment can help repair the damaged glomerular cells and tissues to improve kidney function naturally. When your kidney condition turns to better, you can expect to reduce or even stop the rely on dialysis.

Patient Story

I am Brayden, from Australia. Before I came here, I was diagnosed with kidney failure and I was on dialysis for half year; swellings was gone just within 2 weeks; my creatinine level was 11 and now it dropped to 1.4. I don’t need dialysis any more today. My doctor told me that I deserved a fulfilled life and he did it!

“this is my daughter and we are from Tanzania. She had nephrotic syndrome. We have been to many hospitals and tried many treatment, but her proteinuria comes and goes. And I lost all hopes when no treatment can stop the relapse. It is the magic TCM treatment save my daughter! My daughter’s protein in urine is reversed from 4 + to negative just in one month; Now we are leaving this lovely hospital but we will remember all of people here! ”

I, Carl, From Philippines. I was suffering from PKD a very long time. I was introduced to this hospital from my sister. When I arrived here, the ultrasound showed my kidneys; I am unable to believe that the natural therapy reduces my kidney size 4 cm already! I suggest TCM treatment to all PKD patients.

(before treatment: right kidney size is 176*89*71mm,left kidney size is 188*97*86mm; after treatment: right kidney size is 161*90*74mm, the left kidney size 170*92*80mm)

My name is Zaki and I am from Afghanistan. I was diagnosed with Kidney Failure and in my hometown, there is no other choice apart from dialysis and kidney transplant. But I sought out in hopes for a better solution and thank God, I found it. Before I got TCM treatment, I often feel fatigue and no energy. But all kidney numbers began to improve within a month! And my creatinine dropped to 2.3 from 6.2, urine amount increase to 1600 from 800ml. I am happy with my results!

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