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Does Kidney Failure Require Dialysis If Creatinine Higher Than 600?

We just received an international patient from Albania. Due to the kidney failure, his creatinine increased to 600umol/L, doctors from the local hospital requested him to do dialysis. This patient worried that the disease would progress to uremia once dialysis started. This patient was not willing to dialysis, so he travel to our hospital in China for the Chinese medicine Treatment. Creatinine increased to 600 in renal failure, is it a must to take dialysis?

Director Yang of the Department of Nephrology in HBHHTCM said that dialysis or not could not just refer to creatinine. The key indicator for dialysis is glomerular filtration rate and complications.

Glomerular filtration rate is less than 5

The glomerular filtration rate is between 5-10, and has heart failure, hyperkalemia, and acidosis.

If the condition conforms to any of the above, the dialysis will be a must.

If creatinine higher than 600umol/L, dialysis just gets started without considering the reversible elements.

There are two types of factors in the progression of renal function, one is reversible and the other is irreversible. Uremia caused by renal fibrosis, sclerosis, and cell necrosis is irreversible. When kidney cells die, it is impossible to revive.

Renal failure caused by active lesions, infection, dehydration, malignant hypertension, and nephrotoxic substances is reversible. At this time, acute swelling and inflammation occurred to kidney cells, which affected renal function. After reversible factors were eliminated, the state of renal failure was relieved and renal function could be partially restored.

For patients with reversible factors, renal function can recover quickly. If treated in time, renal function can be restored within one week. Patients need pay attention to B ultrasound result to see if renal function can be restored.

Some patients have not checked their kidney function for a long time, or just found the disease, and their creatinine is over six or seven hundred. At this time, they are stunned. How do I know if my kidney function can recover or not?

Patients can look at the size of the kidneys on B ultrasound, which is more intuitive.

When renal fibrosis damaged kidney to no function, the kidneys will shrink completely. If the B ultrasound shows that kidney atrophy is not too severe, then kidney function can be restored more or less. If serum creatinine showed in renal failure or even uremia but not other key indicators: blood pressure, hemoglobin, and carbon dioxide binding capacity, there should be still rescue for kidneys.

Is dialysis required when creatinine is higher than 600umol/L? This is up to the actual illness condition!

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