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To what extent can traditional Chinese and western medicine treat renal failure?

The combination of western and chinese medicine treatment in neohrology department of hebei hepatopathy hospital of traditional chinese medicine is systematic treatment that can reduce renal inflammation and avoid renal damage to reverse invertible kidney this way,process of kidney damage is prevented and patients can live normal life.

The aim of treatment for renal failure in nephrology department of Hebei hepatopathy hospital of traditional chinese medicine is not only to reduce creatinine level,the more important factor is that it can delay renal sclerosis and shrinking necrosis to the maximum..

Many clinical research show that patients receving treatment of controlling complications of high blood pressure,anemia,etc will gradually reduce glomerular filtration rate.While patients receiving herbal treatment appear increased glomerular filtration rate and rare side effects.It is common phenomenon that patients in serious stage will lower creatinine level and increase GFR after herbal treatment.

Though no cure for kidney failure,it can be controlled,there is still hope for treatment of kidney failure.

Renal failure patients with acute factors is not real chronic kidney failure and can be partly or wholely reversed.

What type of renal kidney failure can be reversed?

1.kidney failure caused by infection

2.kidney failure caused by renal ischemia such as more sweating less drinking water,hemorrhage,working in hot temperature,etc.

3.drug-induced kidney failure lesions to kidney failure

5.kidney failure caused by malignant hypertension

6.temporary increased creatinine level caused by medicine

Kidney function can be reversed in these above items after solving the causes.

Therefore even the same disease,due to different causes,different renal lesions and different patients,there is dialectical treatment.Though there is more than 80% damaged for renal failure patients,there is part of nephrons in normal condition.With the help of western and Chinese medicine treatment,blood purfusion in kidney will be increased and GFR can be improved to protect normal nephrons,at the same time,damaged nephrons can be repaired to normal and blood creatinine and urea level will be lowered to normal range.

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