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How To Do When Steroids-induced Full Moon Face Happen to NS Patients?

The full moon face is one of the side effects of taking steroids for nephrotic syndrome friends. Everything is a double-edged sword, and steroids is no exception. Steroids have powerful immunosuppressive effects, so they will cause side effects in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome. For kidney friends, the full moon face will cause a serious psychological burden, nevertheless, full moon face induced by steroids can be thinned down. Then how to do when steroids-taking induce full moon face?

Measures and Recommendations

Choose the right steroids

Choose the right steroids. Each steroids has its own characteristics. Patients can choose steroids that are suitable for their condition and bring minor side effects for treatment according to the strength of steroids immunosuppressive effect, the strength of water and sodium retention, and the accuracy of the site of action. By this, full moon face can be effectively reduced.

Reduce the dose of steroids

If steroids reduce, it can not give the expected effect, what to do? In this case, some immunosuppressants can be used.

Combine with the Traditional Chinese Medicine

Symptoms caused by steroids belong to the syndrome of yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity in TCM syndrome differentiation. In clinical cases, patients can be given, Zhibai Dihuang Pill, Yu Nv Jian, Yi Guan Jian, etc., can eliminate the side effects of steroids medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine can not only eliminate the steroids dependence caused by atrophy of the adrenal cortex, but also prevent the occurrence of edema, hypertension and hyperlipidemia. There is another function of nourishing yin and clearing heat-eliminating obesity and full moon face. It is also because our Chinese medicine therapy is very good that it has attracted a large number of international friends to come to our hospital for treatment.

Proper Eating and Exercise

Everyone knows about low-fat, low-sugar, and high-vitamin diets, and you need to eat more which can reduce swelling and dampness, such as wax gourd, corn, and mung bean sprouts etc.

In regard of exercise, whole body exercise is very necessary, mainly face exercise, such as chewing gum, chewing air also works. Washing your face with cold water can speed up the breakdown of fats and help restore facial shape.

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