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Why Could Combined Chinese Medicine and West Medicine Control Renal Insufficiency and Creatinine Increase?

In the Nephrology Department of HHHTCM, when we treat the disease. Creatinine reduction is not the ultimate goal from our treatment. The most important factor for renal insufficiency is to protect renal function, retain residual nephrons, regulate human immunity, and repair damaged kidney tissue, improve kidney microcirculation and restore kidney function.

The value of creatinine reflects renal function. The increased creatinine is caused by kidney damage, toxins accumulated in the body and exceed the normal value seriously..

Instead of spending a lot of time and money staring at a number, it is better to save money to protect kidney function, preserve residual nephrons and repair damaged kidney tissue. As long as kidney function recovered well, creatinine will come down naturally.

So how to do it specifically?

Renal insufficiency is caused by a variety of reasons (the most common is nephritis), with severe damage to the glomeruli, which makes the body a clinical syndrome of disorders in excretion of metabolic waste and regulation of water electrolyte and acid-base balance. At this time, a systemic treatment plan combining Chinese and western medicine should be adopted. According to the different conditions of each kidney friend, syndrome differentiation and treatment should be performed to remove the factors that damage kidney function and prevent it from continuing to damage kidney function.

Such as proteinuria and hypertension

We usually take combined antihypertensive drugs to lower blood pressure, and use immunosuppressive drugs to control proteins. Two types of antihypertensive drugs: ACEI and ARB have both antihypertensive and protein-lowering effects, which is more conducive to protect renal function.

Prevent complications and prevent kidney disease from worsening further.

Such as anemia, calcium and phosphorus disorders, hyperkalemia, metabolic acidosis and so on. Controlling these complications will be of great help in delaying the progression of kidney disease. In addition to reasonable medication, a reasonable diet must be also noticed.

Pay attention to the inducing factors of kidney disease in daily life and avoid kidney disease relapse.

Patients with kidney disease must be careful not to catch a cold or infection. Kidney disease is a disease of the immune system. When a cold infection occurs, bacteria or viruses invade our body. In order to protect our body, the body ’s immune system will combine with them and form a single immune complex. These immune complexes are deposited in the kidney with blood circulation, causing kidney disease relapse.

It also makes it possible to further reduce kidney function and even speed up end-stage renal disease. That is uremia. As long as the standard treatment of patients with renal insufficiency, the same can be controlled to avoid the development of uremia.

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