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What is Iga Nephropahty

Iga nephropathy is the most common primary glomerular disease which is featured with Iga or Iga deposition on glomerular mesangial region, with other immunoglobin staying or not.







Iga nephropathy can be divided into several types, including focal stage lesion, capillary proliferative lesion, mesangial proliferative lesion, crescent lesion, and sclerosing lesion.

Its clinical symptoms are:① repeated gross hematuria or hematuria under microscope ②different albuminuria degree; ③some patients suffer swelling and back pain. With development of Iga nephropathy, many patients get serious hypertension and renal insufficiency.

Iga nephropathy incidence rate is higher than other illness, especially among male adolescent. As we all know, Iga nephropathy is difficult to be found at early stage, and it develop slowly. So many patients missed the best treatment opportunity. It already comes to the middle or end stage when they feel discomfort.

If they can take proper treatment at the beginning, they may get a satisfied result. Here we appeal to all patients to learn some Iga nephropahty knowledge and pay attention to the original signs as early as possible. The most important is to find the effective treatment. Don’t wait till end stage.

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