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Different Treatment of Kidney Disease

Due to the causes and symptoms of kidney disease,here are two main treatment around the world.You can see and consider which is the most suitable therapy for you.

Firstly, the diagnosis must be clear. Protein leakage can be quantitatively assessed by examining urine protein 24 hours a day. Almost common causes of positive urine protein are glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, hypertensive kidney damage, diabetic nephropathy, or kidney damage related to the immune system, such as systemic lupus erythematosus nephritis.

Western treatment may include ACEI or ARB drugs to reduce urinary protein, and hormone and immunosuppressant therapy when necessary. If creatinine and urea increase, it indicates over 50% renal insufficiency, you can choose to reduce creatinine by uremic clearance granule treatment. Once creatinine exceeds 707 mol/L, uremia can be diagnosed and dialysis is needed.

In our hospital,we mainly combine Chinese medicine treatment with Western medicine. Western medicine can control symptoms,Chinese medicine can discharge toxins and waste in our blood and organs out of our body. Meanwhile,effective herbal medicine can repair damaged kidney cells, stop protein leakage, reduce creatinine and improve kidney function.Hopefully, many patients can avoid dialysis or reduce dialysis times,even stop dialysis after this systematic treatment.

Our health is the most valuable treasure in our life which can provide our normal life,reduce our family burden.If you still hasn’t find effective treatment,you can contact me for further, or add my facebook: 008615230829917

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