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Can Dialysis Be Temporary?

When you get into kidney disease stage4(kidney failure stage), your glomerulus filtration rate has reduced to 29min/ml. And your kidneys detoxification function is very weak. Meanwhile, the serum creatinine, uric acid, BUN, cystatin C and other items will also increase. A lot of patients is hopeless and just wait for dialysis.






Actually here is 50% percent to avoid dialysis if you can control it well. As to how long it can be delayed should depend on different patient’s condition. Further, different type of disease also have different dialysis time. For example, diabetic nephropathy patients may take dialysis sooner than common nephritis nephropathy.

How long dose kidney failure develop into dialysis? The key points are:

1. Complications

At kidney failure stage, the glomerular filtration function declined and many complications come out. Besides protein urine,swelling,blood urine and etc, here are also high blood pressure,anemia,high serum potassium symptom, acidosis and etc. The damage to kidney function caused by these complications alone is great, not to mention the development of nephropathy.

If you can control these complications well, the resident kidney function can stay for longer time.

2. Blood circulation

Though kidney failure happen and kidney cells are damaged mostly, the residual kidney cells can get enough blood and oxygen as long as the blood circulation is normal in kidneys. Because the residual kidney function can take function more or less.

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