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  • Clearing Stasis, Regulating Immunity and Blocking Renal Fibrosis

    Clearing Stasis, Regulating Immunity and Blocking Renal Fibrosis

    Comprehensive interpretation of the problem of ineffective treatment of liver disease

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  • Diseases Treated By Featured TCM

    Diseases Treated By Featured TCM

    Nephritis,Nephrotic Syndrome,IgA Nephropathy,Lupus Nephritis,Purpura Nephritis,Renal Insufficiency,Renal Failure,Uremia,Proteinuria,Hematuria

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Nephropathy Cases Treated with Chinese Medicine

Nephrotic Syndrome Bothered Me for Three Years, Never Turned Negative, Here just 15 Days, It Turned Negative.
Renal Insufficiency, Creatinine 200umol/L, Proteinuria 3+, Indicators Get Normal
ESRD Scr 700umol/L, No Dialysis Required, Stable
Nephrotic Syndrome 24hrs Proteinuria 0.75g Decreased to 0.06g
Child Lupus Nephritis, Proteinuria Turned Negative after 2 weeks Treatment

Chinese Medicine Clearing Stasis Therapy on Kidneys

Clear Stasis, Regulate Immunity, Block Renal Fibrosis...

Clear Stasis, Regulate Immunity, Block Renal Fibrosis

Clearing Stasis on Nephritis

Stasis-Clearing Therapy on Nephritis

Clearing Stasis on Nephrotic Syndrome

Stasis-Clearing Therapy on Nephrotic Syndrome

Clearing Stasis on Renal Failure

Stasis- Clearing on Renal Failure

Clearing Stasis on Uremia

Stasis- Clearing on Uremia

Experts Team

Jiao Yanping Chief TCM Physician

In the past 20 years clinical work, she accumulated large amount of clinical experience in treating kidney disease with combined chinese medicine and west medicine.

Guo Yanqing Chief TCM Physician

He has in-depth study to classic chinese medicine theories. He has quite professional idea to the etiology, pathogenesis and treatment of kidney disease.

Li Xue Chief Physician

At the same time, he has accumulated rich experience in treating chronic nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and renal insufficiency etc..

Li Chengyu Chief Physician

He has been in this field for many years, and summed up very unique idea to primary and secondary kidney disease. He can use combined chinese medicine and west medicine to treat the kidney disease from the root.


Analysis on Kidney Disease Treatment


Patients’ Comment

  • This patient was diagnosed with nephritis at 5y/o, 20yrs later, he was diagnosed with renal insufficiency, serum creatinine 200umol/L, proteinuria 3+, he visited many local hospitals but no good improvement, so he came to China, after 20days systematic treatment, his creatinine reduced to normal, proteinuria turned negative, now it has been more than half a year, the regular follow-up showed very good result, so as long as the treatment method is correct, renal insufficiency will be under control.

  • She had Nephrotic syndrome for one year, and the condition seemingly quite stable. She had large amount of proteinuria because of this disease. By steroids treatment, relapse is inevitable. I came here in China for natural chinese medicine treatment, which is really amazing, especially for proteinuria, just after dozens of hospitalization, proteinuria turned negative, now steroids stopped, I appreciated very much, thanks again.

  • Proteinuria always positive before, after 2weeks treatment, it turned negative. The experts team adopt the principle of dialectic therapy to provide individual specific treatment solution. In the course of chinese medicine treatment, the magical effect of chinese medicine can be felt. Meantime, service of one patient, one expert, one doctor and one nurse as well as one interpretor will be provided, standard, considerate and intimate will make you feel in home.